Printing services thread

If you have a printer and are willing to print for people, or if you need something printed. This is the place.

Printers, show us your prints!

Printees, what do you want printed?

@skunk good enough lol?


Kinda like this one?


I’m willing to print for a small fee. I have a jgaurora a5s printer.

Sorry, I simplified lol

Now do something useful with your leader privileges and close this Damm thread. :rofl::rofl:


I was thinking about making this thread. But I’m lazy. Thanks @J0ker!
So I have one. Still fairly new to it so I print strictly PLA atm. Moving to PETG and pla composites soon. If you’re in need, I’m in western Canada. Most my filament is colourful. It’s the only way I was able to get it, promising my wife to make her pretty things and toys for the kiddos. I’m down to help however I can.
Edit: Derp did I place in wrong thread?