Price Reduced Again!! Good Build Head Start Proto USA


Let’s get this gone people

Ok last thing.

Buyer backed out.

Not breaking it up unless I have to. But priced such that it shouldn’t be necessary.

Used prototipo and enclosure (enclosure got some damage in transport). Needs insert replacement (included)

Kaly 2.0 deck, wheels, drive train, motors

Motor controller

Unused 15s4p 30q easy build battery.


Some freebie decks and some remotes (no clue if they work honestly).

$1050 takes it


Unless my eyes deceive me, that looks like a 15s4p battery with a spintend ubox that tops out at 16s. Either way, looks like a great deal if I didn’t have plenty of stuff to already work on and a little more saved.


Oh shit you are right. I didn’t even look fully 15s

whelp thats a fucking deal and half - if I was still building a board every month or two I’d be all over this


Go back to two wheeling punk!!!


There are 6 wheels in this picture! If I ride two at time it’s basically Esk8


The world needs video of this dude!!!

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Let’s get this gone.

Great head start on a sick build,

Hell, can even recoup a good bit of funds selling the parts you don’t use.

251 377 7149

Were you able to probe out the battery to see if all the cells are good? 30q is pretty ancient nowadays

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If the battery is good… fuckit. Another board wont hurt, right?

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Yes @Ac53n, this is exactly right.
Take one for the team and save our wallets

what @ShutterShock said. I have a 9s4p 30q pack in my dinghy that’s still killing it. if it doesn’t have a fuckload of charge cycles and is still reasonably balanced it might still be pretty good. the 30Qs did a helluva lot better than the 40Ts did.


Old 30qs. I wouldn’t really count on it.

These batteries have never been fully cycled, it is all nice and balanced.

Besides, the other parts by themselves warrant asking. Think of the battery as free if you like


If you can probe the battery, and its good - im game. I know its a steal of a deal already, but if the battery is shot then buying this is gonna bankrupt me :joy:

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I’ll go through it again when I get back to the house


@Sender can you ship to the nls? Oooh im too late hahaha.