Predator DH-6 - Full Carbon interest

Hi guys,

We were thinking of doing a sale only for members of the Esk8 news forum.

Since safety is everything we would like to hear if there would be interest in a sale on the Predator DH-6 - Full Carbon

We are Belgium based so I can not speak for prices in other countries or special deals etc…
but the normal retail price of these is €499,95 (here atleast) if there is enough interest we might do a special sale at the price of €375 incl. shipping within EU (for other locations will be determined)

More info about the Predator DH-6 Full Carbon;

The DH6 is the top choice for many pro and amateur riders looking for the ultimate in lightweight protection and style. This classic design features clean, simple lines for aerodynamics, a large visibility window and a ratcheting flip-up visor system with tool-free interchangeability. The double D-ring chin-strap closure provides maximum safety. A small chin guard vent combined with a internal ventilation system helps keep you cool and reduces visor fog.

The DH6 comes in ONE SHELL SIZE and will accommodate most heads measuring 56cm to 61cm. Comes with a moisture wicking fit kit of pads including 2 size cheek pads to insure a proper fit. Fits sizes XS-LG.

With all the same features as the classic DH6, but constructed from 100% bi-axial carbon fiber.
This helmet weights 110 grams less than the standard fiberglass edition DH6.
This is the lightest Full-Face downhill skateboard specific helmet on the market.

Weight: 770gr.
Meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Standards

So based on the interest we will decide to do a sale on these.

Note We know there are other brands that are cheaper, but we chose this one since this is a one size fits all system (easier for us to manage orders only for the forum) and we are able to reduce the pricing on these exclusively for the forum.*

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Shame. My heads too big.


We can change the product to a huge pillow…

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At 375€, regardless of the helmet’s original retail price, you will have a hard time organizing a GB.
This is just my opinion.


its not a group buy just a general discount for members of esk8 news.
so there isn’t a minimum amount to be sold.

€375 is not cheap but then again this is a €500 full carbon helmet.

I keep an eye out for products which we can do special prices on only for the forum.
If we can hook you guys up with quality gear for a good price we are happy.


And so are we :grinning: I need to upgrade my safety gear a bit and a fullface helmet is #1 priority…
My wallet is okay with ~250-300€ helmet, if you find anything in that price range pls let us know

Let me see what I can do :slight_smile:

S-One Full Face helmet

If you would be interested I can do a special discount for you on this one for €275 instead of €319.95

Or if you like this style more its at 30% discount right now

Triple Eight Invader

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Yes and? There are more shops selling these you know.
So whats the point of linking another shop in my thread?

Because your prices don’t seem like a “discount” when we can just buy them from a shop for the same price if not less.

So i sell the s one lifer for €275 instead of 319.95, isnt that a discount of almost €45 which i offered only for forummembers?
And the triple eight invader has a 30% discount on al EU shops right now.
The other linked helmets i did not talk about.

So maybe u should read the thread first.


Sorry for a stupid question but whats the appeal with this helmet? Light weight? Been looking at the new rurocs that are MC certified(has fancy carbon as well), granted they prob weight more, but I can use it for my future electric motorcycle as well…They seem to be around same pricepoint? :face_with_monocle:

Dont be put off dude, it can be a little rough here for new retailers - you have to prove yourself. Keep plugging away :grin:


I know mate :slight_smile: im just trying to do something nice for the forummembers but it can be tiring haha


increased area of peripheral vision but covered a maximum area of impact protection. There’s more protection of the jaw bone and the lower-center area at the back where the spine meets the skull.

The visor is spherical so viewing is optically correct while the operation of the visor is smooth, precise, tight to shell, and won’t require any tools to change it up throughout the day’s weather conditions.


He is selling the carbon predator at 375€ when it is 499€ at sickboards and the fiberglass s one for 275€ when you can find it 319€ at sickboards

I don’t get what you guys are upset about?


I get it, and I’m not upset. I just want everything to be accurate and completely honest in all regards for the people who just don’t know about everything.

I was quick to jump and I see that the top of the line one is at a good discount.

Just make sure to keep as much as you can transparent and straight forward.

All I was doing was explaining why @Grozniy posted those links, wasn’t complaining about your deal here.

I guess we are still a bitter bunch regarding vendors and the shit that’s gone down on the other forum. Keep at it man, hope you grow your business and bring more attention to the sport/hobby.


I Understand, but thats exactly my goal with my store, i want to be a part of the community and not just another store only focussed on making the most money possible.
Thats also why we try to attend as much events as possible to meet all of you guys in real.


Which is a good thing! Just don’t be scared of us. We are just middle aged men riding skateboards (@Lee_Wright) , highly opinionated and full of angst. Keep up the hard work. Just keep it honest!