PPM vs PWM signals

I gather from various readings here that our remotes are actually PWM, not PPM as they are referred to in the various tools that install our settings. I see now that Metr is incorporating the misnomer into their software. Is there any way to correct this rather than letting the error propagate? Waveform is one of the most fundamental building blocks of communications. We should be getting it right.


Yep, it’s PWM.

It’s unfortunately very widespread though. I’m pretty sure that the Arduino official libraries for servo control are also incorrect.

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Everything @deckoz just said.

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Replacing PPM by PWM in VESC-Tool (and thus in Metr or ESC-Tool by Ackmaniac) will lead to even more confusion as PWM term is used for the power modulation (BLDC/FOC).
But you’re right indeed.

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