Power loss with Meepo Gear Drive?

So I tried out the Meepo/Linnpower gear drive on my Hurricane. It was terrible. Loss of power on both the low and top ends compared to belts using 15t/60t and 165mm tubeless wheels. Based on the gear ratio of 13t/55t on the gear I though it would be about the same but it wasn’t. Even going to the next speed/braking mode didn’t cut it.

Has anyone had a similar experience with the Meepo/Linnpower gear drive?

It really shouldn’t be a significant change but im no expert. Could it be that the belts with a higher gear ratio (vs the gear drive at a lower ratio) are able to get you more torque starting making it feel more punchy.

What is your weight? Wheel size? Do the gear drive’s come pre assembled? What terrain do you ride?


If you’re really losing that much power due to drag, something in the drives should be getting very hot. Maybe feel around to confirm?


How hard is your backlash? can you spin your wheels with your hand or do then stop instantly?
You should have bit better torque low end with the gear drives.

Guessing wheelsize still the same?


i had the opposite experience, my meepo gear drive feels more punchy off the line, and i can brake hard to a point where i skid on 165 tire

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It’s actually 13t/56t, and no, I do not experience what you described on any of the five sets of linnpower drives I got. The only downside for me is the lack of gear ratio tuning, which limits the number of setups I can run sensibly on these, and so far, I’ve had zero issues with any of the promised performances. Perhaps you received a faulty set or installed these incorrectly?

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I think they were installed correctly. They free roll pretty well. One side is rougher than the other for sure and had a rough ratcheting feel that the other side doesn’t have. I think the rattling noise is normal.

At the same throttle position on the remote, the gear drive is slower. I wish I felt the casing the gear drive to see if it felt hot.

Did you have to adjust the speed or brake mode?

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i never left mode 4 for speed and brake :rofl:

Did you find that you had to hit the throttle and brakes harder? Also, does your system make a slight rattling sound? I am thinking that may be a gear drive thing.

no, not really. and the freeroll is :ok_hand:t2:

its not slight, its actually quite loud (i ride at night), but that’s what gear drive sounds like, u can dampen the sound with grease if u want, but i personally run them raw

If you move the board back and forth slowly with your hands from a standstill, you should hear the rattle of the backlash of the gears but you shouldn’t be hearing any other rattling sounds once you are moving.

Unless something is wrong with the install or the design of those drives, they should be more efficient than any belts and should have more immediate response. Even my 4WD board with four motors and gear drives, gets noticeably lower consumption than any of my friend’s (2WD) belt-driven boards, and when we all coast down a hill from, I end up far ahead of them.

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Loss of power? Maybe you forgot to change settings in the esc app? Is that a thing?

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There are only speed modes on the Meepo Hurricane that can be adjusted. Even on the highest speed mode, it was sluggish off the line. Maybe using a VESC would help.

Wait is this even okay to do on GDs?

Ehh, it’ll work but it wears down faster, a bit of gear oil would be better

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Is there a special gear oil that is better than using grease?

If your gear drives are the latest batch, they should have the grease made by some german automobile company for transmission, and I’ve had great experience running those. I will have to warn you about possible installment issues, you need to COMPLETELY remove any leftover debris from the motor pulley, as DXW use either really strong loctite if not epoxy to secure down the pulley onto the motor shaft. Give it a good clean and try installing again


Do you think Loctite 238 is good enough? I’m going to be assembling a pair in the near future

It seems to have been great for my newbee drives

Actually no, should be no problem cuz linnpower is straight cut