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Ah, that classic 2596HV, yep, that’s the standard for 12s I think.
Interesting it broke from vibration. Was it just floating free inside the enclosure or heat shrinked / velcro’ed down?


It was in the small enclosure over the front wheels that I designed for it. The large coil broke off the circuit board from the vibration.

It was glued down and underneath it was attached with a TPU pad.


Wow! great reminder to secure electronic components from shock & vibe


I am curious:
I see a lot of talk about downregulating (which makes sense, as it is used for accesories), but what about upregulating?
Say I have access to a lot of 36V (powertool) batteries and would like to use them for an esk8 - could I use a boost converter to get the voltage to 10s-level?

(what I would ACTUALLY like to do, is get from 50.4V to 72V, but the principle is the same I guess)

no because of regen. And even then, you’d need a booster so big it wouldn’t be worth it.

What you can do is use those packs and a regular sized booster to charge your board on the go

also you can just run the board directly off those 36v packs because those ARE 10s lol

If you’re stuck on using existing power tool batteries, the most efficient way to do this is most likely wiring multiple packs in series to increase your total voltage. There may be complications doing this as most have some sort of BMS board inside, unless you crack them open and harvest the cells. This is outside the scope of this thread - please consult the battery builder’s thread for more info/questions.

Tad bit on the larger size