Power calculation question

I’ve been wondering, if I were to build two identical boards, one with a 10s6p and one with a 12s5p, with the gearing adjusted via different pulleys or different kv motors in non belt setups, would the amount of power the board can produce differ, would the ride characteristics differ etc?

In my mind equal amount of cells means equal power output and range, but maybe I’m missing something


This is a deep question, you are working with 2 completely different power levels here, and different voltage levels. 12s will be more efficient and be able to give you more power, 10s would theoretically produce higher torque, because you could pull more amperage from the 6p pack, 12s would also give you a higher speed, and at the end of the day all these things could be influenced by gearing and KV of the motors. Looks like you are going to have to build two boards to find out for sure.


I would simplify this to lower efficiency and lower speed on 10S if everything else remain the same.

My 2 cents are “stick with the 10s if you are using old-generation VESC (#FUCKFRANK) such as Maytech 4.12 or any flipsky. Those DRV chips do not like 12s, tbh”


Simple answer:

Same power levels since it’s the same total number of cells.

Unintelligent people may assume power = speed but power can be used for short fast sprints or long range treks.

Not so simple answer:

Different motor kvs perform better (lose less energy to the system) at different speeds but we don’t have great ways to measure efficiency losses so it’s just been discussed.

With higher voltages being pressed along with the need for different gearing and kvs, I hope we will get more into the “magical erpm” discussions again but with data to back it up.


A lot of us are running up against thermal issues and higher voltage means you can get away with less amps for similar power (while sacrificing torque for speed, which can be mitigated, though not completely, with gearing).

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I think if u adjust the gearing and kv to produce the same top speed, and do the same output with both setups the higher voltage will be a bit more efficient as you’re adding a bigger gear ratio. But if u don’t change the kv and gearing and run the same output the higher voltage system will run a bit less efficiently as you’d be going slower compared to what this higher voltage system max speed would be and will therefore have more switching losses in the esc.

Hope u do the comparison in real life and the simulator and tell us for sure

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