Post your sickest Telemetry here please

I want to see you dirty details. No, the technical ones. No, not the hard ones, your favorite ones. No selfies plz.

Here’s some metr pro jazz

There’s GoPro stuff too.

I’m totally open to recommendations how to improve my data accuracy. I’m not sure what fast fast is anymore. @JaysTCB and @MoeStooge are my reference points for insane fast, I’ve watched those slicks kick rocks my way on several occasions. :call_me_hand:


Why the hell is this topic so empty??

By the way here’s a good question, which app or software do you use to add telemetry when not using a Gopro or a Garmin? Metr gives Watts and all and it’s good.

I’m looking more for G meter skidpad, speed, elevation.

Eventually a map overlay with a look like Relive?

I got Strava, Relive and Physics Toolbox on phone so far.

Can output GPX files and CSV files separately. How to exploit em?

What’s your sauce fam’?

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I remember there being another thread about posting logs that was more active but can’t seem to find it.

Here’s a tool that @lock made:

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Thanks! Gonna take a look.

I wanna play with my Osmo and my Xperia a bit!