Possway air glove

Anyone seen/used this?

Apparently they sent a board and gloves some to this surf reviewer.

I feel like they should have sent to @ShutterShock :slight_smile:

Lacroix killer? Kaly destroyer? :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: :rofl:

I feel like some someone would pull out in front of me and I would try to react and just launch my board out from under me, its a really cool idea though.

I’d rather use a wired remote than this.

What’s your thinking?

I’d rather have less bulk in the Hand. Room for gloves/pucks/wrist guards so this is interesting.

But the finger to thumb stuff seems weird. I think I’d have to experience it to see if had reasonable fidelity. My hopes are low tho.

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Falls, scrapes fingers, loses remote :rofl: it does look very futuristic though.


Heeeelllllll no I ain’t testing this thing it looks sketchy af

this not the attitude of a famous youtuber. :smiley:

just quietly switch to… "so, I got my friend @Sobrik3t to give it a go… "


wait. does that have no brakes? or does it brake when you open your hands past a certain point?

Oh well. I have my limits lol, I’m not gonna endanger myself

The video on their site shows a kind of gesture pad on the thumb and a corresponding bump on the index finger. Closing the gap (smushing their heads) is faster throttle or harder breaking, end of the thumb is throttle inside of the thumb is breaking. Wondering if you could switch it so you swipe your thumb across your index finger instead of the opposite

Ryan can’t murder me yet, his vendors wouldn’t have anyone to run events :joy:

Let me control my board via earthbending or GTFO.

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ah yah, this video gives a better overview than the ones I watched. guy says he was scared at first… so I thought of @ShutterShock :stuck_out_tongue: but says he got used to it quick.

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It does. The air glove is just a gutted remote, put into a glove like sleeve

The thumb contains the positive and negative side magnet and the pointer finger has the hall sensor.

Lol it still feels like a very sketchy way to control thousands of watts of power

Not very granular. I’d maybe try it on a crappy budget board

yah. it seems to be on the lower power stuff in the vids. which is a cure for all sorts of evils. :smiley: