Portable commuter board

I want to use the parts from my meepo mini 2 and make a more portable commuter board. My plan is to get the meepo travel battery, and put all the electronics in one small compact enclosure. Do you think there will be heat problems with that? For the deck, I want to get either a 121c aileron or orbiter. What do you think of this potential build? I’m trying to make everything smaller and sleeker, as I dont want to get in trouble with the German polizei.

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I have tried the meepo mini 2 before, I would recommend as a small commuter. As for the deck, I don’t see why can’t you use the ones you suggested, but I would say the meepo’s stock deck is actually one of the best cruiser deck I have ridden. You can make it way more compact with one enclosure than two. Good luck!:+1:

If anything I’d say the aileron deck swap would draw more attention to you? It’s not a bad plan however otherwise

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swap to v3 deck you have a handle :+1: