Pneumatic Wheel Compendium (Serious)

currently looking for something to replace my wobbly kendas :frowning:

Does the tire fit snug on the wheel when installing? Idk if you already tried wrapping some layers of electrical tape around the wheel so it is snug. Tires have different inner diameters so it’s critical there is no gap here. And of course balance the tires after.

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may try the electrical tape trick… also probably wouldn’t hurt to reinflate

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Anybody know a place to get Kaly phat tires cheaper than the site? $120 for a set seems pricey.

they’re out of stock everywhere. its a wonder he even has em

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says they have stock… site is legit apparently


I’ve used this site, can confirm they’re legit. Got a set of the 200x75’s, havent had a chance to really try them yet though.

EDIT - just checked and apparently i’m mistaken, i got my set from here. 200x75 Tire - Tires, Wheels & Accessories - Mini Gas & Electric Scooters - Store

Bought a set of these 200x50 Tire & Inner Tube Razor E100 E125 E150 E175 E200 eSpark ePunk Crazy Cart 4741506628850 | eBay

they showed up and 3/4 are balanced very well. one of them is super wobbly but the seller is sending me a whole new set, just gotta pay shipping

will report long term results once I get 4 good ones mounted… seems like a good deal for some clevers

:thinking: very interesting… tubeless!


Its super cool but their explanation for why go tubeless makes no sense. Who wants to run street wheels at low enough psi that you’d be worried about pinch flats?

Makes a lot of sense for mtb tires. Not sure what the advantage is for eskate other than saving money on tubes?


Couple of reasons:

  • Efficiency - In cycling tubeless tires have slightly lower rolling resistance, with the only thing coming close is tires with latex tubes. They also tend to be lighter, so there’s less rotational mass

  • Puncture Resistance - They’re far less likely to get punctured compared to tubes (although they’re also harder to fix once they do)

  • Grip - You can run lower pressures, meaning you can get a fatter contact patch


With lower psi comes better comfort which is super underated in esk8… Also who hasn’t had a random tube leak, no puncture just a pin hole leak or valve stem tear. Tubeless seems like a good option


I’ve got experience with tubeless from mountain biking.

They aren’t really more resistant to thorns/nails and basically require the use of tire sealant. Any weight saved is offset by tire sealant.

Running low psi is awful in street esk8. I tried it. Super high rolling resistance.

Tubeless is cool, but I just don’t see the use for esk8.

All that said - if it makes tire balancing easier, I’m so fucking in.


I’m in support of tubeless. I just hope other rims will come out supporting tubeless tires so users can mix and match more

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Man, I like your profile

I could see it easily being fixed with a plug though if the wall is thick enough

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Plugs are a temporary fix at best. It’ll get you home but once a tubeless tire splits it’ll only get worse until you replace it.

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I guess, a tire repair is mostly temporary anyway


The Trampa and MBS hubs in that wiki still need Mounting hole patterns written out

Post 1000, woot. Anyways, didn’t see them mentioned yet but BKB has some nice flat-profile 150x50 tires that are a nice alternative to standard Sunmates. Pretty inexpensive too, about $12/ea including tube right now. Threw a set on my Zeus pro wheels, have not gotten a chance to test yet though.