pneumatic all terrain vs pneumatic road wheel - which do you prefer and why?

tires smooth

I ride 80% on Asphalt of varying quality and 20% on gravel roads. I’m wondering if the smoother pattern might give improved Handling when carving on smooth Asphalt.

Offroad for dirt and offroad
Kenda 8 inch for on road

They are much better balanced for higher road speeds, compared to the offroad tires where I’m not going as fast, and need the grip.

You can use offroad tires on road, but riding with street smooth tires offroad is a bad idea for any real offroading. Gravel is okay but any more than that and you really need the treads


I just switched from MBS T3s to CST 8" tires, and there’s a significant difference in ride quality on road. The road tire is significantly smoother and quieter, although counterintuitively I got about 20% worse efficiency on them (might be pressure related though). I thought the change from thane to the T3s felt like floating on a cloud, but the change from T3s to the CSTs made it truly feel like hovering from how smooth it was. Lateral grip seems to be much better as well, but that could very well be due to the pressure difference and different sidewall construction. I haven’t tried them off road, but I don’t think it’d do well at all since the tread depth makes them pretty much decorative.

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9" offroad forever because only then can you ride all terrain. Slicks in the woods are shit.


slicks on the streets, knobbies in the peaks

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I think you can tell which option i went with haha. These have significantly more grip than anything else i’ve ever tried when it comes to road use, and i swear by them.

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sexy tires but you need to buy the tubes and wheels with it :pensive:

Tubes aren’t that expensive, standard 6 or 7" tubes fit and work fine. The hubs are a bit pricier as you need wider hubs than normal, but that’s not the end of the world. Well worth it in my opinion.

at 549$us a set of wheel l can buy brand new set of winter tires for my car :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


These kaly wide 8" tires look good for road use. I will be trying them out soon as I find myself more on the road than off-road.

For off-road I’ve been using these 9" from AliExpress. They’ve been holding up great so far.

US $12.98 20%OFF | 9 Inch Off-road Tire And Tube For Scooter Mountain Skateboard Inflation Wheel 2.80/2.50-4 AT Tyre With Inner Tube