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COUNTRY – USA, Ex Houston Texas – Downtown.

BUILD NAME: Rebuilt in 2022 The Black Wave 2WD
Price summary - Board with 2x M-Boards chargers and Red Hoyte Puck remote $1995. Paypal fees + boxing / shipping USA +$230 / Build is discounted over $1000 now and $0 cost on labor.
Wheel Base or total distance between axles - 42" or 1070cm
Board weight - approx. 24lbs or 11kg’s

BATTERY - NEW - OCT 2022 Molicel P42A 12S 3P – OEM by M-Boards P42A – M-Boards October 2022

MOTORS: 2 x MAYTECH MTO6374-190-HA-C, BLDC Motor with HALL sensor 190 KV with 8mm shaft & 3mm keyway.

MOTOR MAX CURRENT: 65A each. – Max Battery Discharge 126 A

MOTOR POWER: 3550W each – TOTAL 7100w – MAX Battery power 5443W

TRANSMISSION: Original 3D Servisas Spur Gear Drive 1:4 ratio - Straight cut gears, Mini Eco AT Gear Drive V2 fitting Infinity ATB / Trampa Superstar Hub

TRUCKS- Infinity ATB - Trampa Springs - Medium (red) Dampers front, Trampa Barrels with CNC Red retainers in rear.

RISERS – 3d Services 35 Deg CNC solid Billet MTB Truck Adaptor for long board.

WHEEL DIAMETER: 200mm / 8-inch primo strikers Tyres in near new condition – Brand new & unused Trampa Phat Lads hubs (Black), ultra-light, wide and these can take any size AT wheel up to 10” 3.75-4” hub diameter.

ESC: Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 6.7 200A Based upon VESC6 with Aluminium Heatsink powered with a Flipsky 200A Anti Spark Switch. - Bluetooth Connectivity for VESC

REMOTE and PPM receiver– Hoyt Puck – Fire Truck RED – Best connectivity on market.

BATTERY TRAY – Carbon Fibre longboard enclosure “Oresome” By Trampa

CHARGING – M-Boards – 50.4 2.0 A

TOP SPEED – 70kmh/43 mph (Theoretical – lightweight rider)

RANGE – 48km/ 30 miles (Theoretical – lightweight rider on flat ground)

WATER RESISTANCE - Yes, enclosure is fully sealed with foam gasket and sealant and can take water splashes, but not waterproof and not for wet weather or riding in rain.


12s3p P42A Battery Pack _ Transparent Series — MBoards.pdf (51.2 KB)
20221013_MBOARDS_12S3P BatteryUSD.pdf (108.7 KB)
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Maybe I’m blind but you said price breakdown below and I am not seeing it anywhere…

Ok the pic finally loaded lol but I still don’t quite understand what you are asking for it…


Board with 3 month warranty is $2299 and with Paypal and shipping USA its $2546

I definitely could find shipping for much less than $250.
Try, pirateship, shippo.

$86 of that is paypal fees as shown on the price breakdown at the top of the screen. Total shipping is $161 and includes packaging and I will lose money. Thanks for the links.

Please forgive the spreadsheet format.