Parts list suggestions 2023 update

I am looking to make a 2WD board. Through my research I have found a few parts that might work, but I am not sure if they are really a good choice for me.
Dual ESC 1
Dual ESC 2
Motor 1
Motor 2
Motor 3
I also need trucks. I’m not looking for anything spectacular here. I am looking to copy this deck out of carbon fiber/fiberglass and here are the wheels I am looking at. Any input would be great. In terms of motor mounts, enclosure, batteries, and the like I will worry about that later as I am mostly trying to get my trucks, motors, and esc sorted out and I can build everything to match from there. I have a lot of manufacturing experience so I was actually thinking of just making my own motor mounts and such. I was even thinking of casting my own trucks with built in motor mounts. I am looking to have the possibility to go 25+mph fully knowing that I might never get going that fast. :rofl: I am US based. Budget is kinda iffy. I was hoping to keep the ESC and two motors under $350-$400.


Be aware that sk3 and sk8 are long motors. Longer than it’s written in the motor class. You need wide enough trucks to fit them or mount one front facing one back facing.


for the esc i wouldn’t have a clue if its good or not.

BUT, dual 6374’s are torque heaven so they say, would suggest going for the sealed version as it means you wont get shit in them etc. also, if you wanted to use those motors you will need trucks that are wide enough and strong enough, to withstand the forces of riding (and the motor force too) for extended amounts of time. I would HIGHLY suggest going with @Boardnamics 220mm trucks and mounts as they are proven to be excellent, and i haven’t heard anything but great words about them. (Might also add that dual 6374 are a biiiiit over kill, depending on the situation though)

How are you going to mount your drivechain to your wheels?

Battery? 10s can easily get you to 40kmh (25mph) IF geared correctly. Is it hilly in your area? Flat? Or just about a mix of everything? You’ll need to have a look on the forum about the different gearing ratios people are using to suit the roads/terrain you want to ride. What kind of range do you want? Bigger (range) battery = more weight, more room needed in your case. Think about your enclosure and deck first! As these two things will decide what you can/cannot do (battery, motors, etc).

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Also I would add: Where are you located, And what kind of budget are you looking at?


I added that information in the original post.

I have the deck I want to use linked above. The dropped portion is about 33" long. Thanks for the truck suggestion. I will look into that.

I am planning on using a belt drive.

Noob question but will a higher voltage from the battery give me a higher top speed?

In terms of what I need it for, there are some pretty gnarly hills here (in Utah), and a longer range is always a plus.

yes higher voltage will make you go faster :+1:t2:
BUT a correctly geared belt drive on a 10s battery would be perfect for your build (with 30q’s), and can give you the torque and speed you need to get up hills and still be fast on straights.

Hey @Papa_Ocean, so how did this build turn out? Be great to see pics and hear about what you finally went with.

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Oh, I am still working on it. I have made a few modifications though. I am going gear drive now. Most likely 4wd and thinking about bumping up to a 12s. I still need trucks, drives, two more motors, a battery, and esc’s. I don’t have a lot of financial breathing room to move things around.

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Dayum, you really upped the game with that gear-drive. What GD are you thinking of using? …presumably your initial 350-400$ budget has changed a bit too with that battery and gd :wink:

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I am leaning towards a @Genex gear drive here. And yeah. I’ve started to come to the fact you can cry once when you pay for things or cry twice when it breaks down. So I am just gonna take my time with this and do it right. But my board won’t be a reality until the end of 2020 or even 2021. :weary: Oh well… Such is life. But I did just get my @hummieee in the mail and it looks AWESOME! I’m tempted to break my budget at get trucks now…


Why are you going 4wd? You can get the speed and torque out of 2wd with some decent motors and a 12s battery perfectly

Probably just for the sake of excess.

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I’m in exactly your position. Just started and collecting pieces bit by bit, though hopefully would like to have mine done by summer, but reasurring someone else is playing the long-game to get a really incredible build. Have the wheels and trucks so far, plenty of money yet to be spent

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I would re-evaluate what’s important to you. You’ve already stated a budget, I think it would be smarter to buy better things instead of “a lot of okay things”

2 @torqueboards 6380s and a 12s battery will easily get you 25mph with the right gearing

I currently have 2 TB 6374’s, I might upgrade to 80’s. I am looking at Boardnamics trucks, neoBOX esc’s, depending on the reviews, with gear drives. My $400 budget was just for motors and esc’s. But I realize that going 4wd will change that significantly. So I am just gonna buy the right stuff once.

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What wheels are you going to use?

Have you picked the gear drive yet?

The 6374s are pretty powerful too. Do you have any other boards built yet?

I have Iwonder cloudwheels (foamie offbrand) wheels, I like what I’ve heard about them. I was gonna run @ Genex’s gear drives. And this is my first lightning powered death tree.

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Have you ridden any diy boards yet?

I haven’t seen much progress on that gear drive though, just the voting thread…you know something we don’t?? Or did I miss something

Yes. But it was a 1wd. Mine is way bigger.

Edit: I have pm’d Genex and talked to him a bit. From what I understand he is getting close to production.