Parts and Partial builds for sale

To much stuff! Not enough space!

It’s spring, time to get the builds rolling. I need to prioritize what little free time I have these days on builds I’ll actually be able to finish and use unfortunately. So, I’m selling some of the stuffs I’ve collected but lost hope of using.

All prices OBO, but do not include shipping or PP fees.

SOLD TB 6354’s
SOLD Evolve 6" set
SOLD Choochoo “build”
SOLD Hoyt 5" set
SOLD Basic MTB Drivetrain + E-Components
SOLD Dualomo “build”


Gosh somedays I’m glad I’m far away from the US and shipping prevents me from making impulsive monetary decisions,
Shit I’ve dreamed about getting one of those


same, unfortunately I am in the US

Well, I suppose i’m lucky that im piss broke


Bump, price drop on remaining.


Bump! Added and lowered. Maybe more coming, maybe not :man_shrugging:

Hey, I’m interested in the trucks, I’m based in Oregon do you have an estimate for shipping?

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You in East TN by any chance? Mostly just tire kicking tbh, but shit could change if you were close enough to remove shipping from the equations. I’m very close to the tri-cities area, just over the line in Madison Co, NC. :man_shrugging:

Cheap. Sub $10 I’m sure.

Not sure it’s better than shipping but yes, PM me if interested