Paris 2019 Cup - Street Wing Race Team

I’m really happy to announce that Street Wing will have a race team competing at the Paris Event.

Riding the Street Wing P1 complete electric skateboard will be:

Street Track - Aaron Davis

Underground Off Road Track - Moja Reeves

A big thanks (in alphabetical order) to Aaron and Moja, it’s set to be a very fun and exciting event.

Thanks to Ricardo, Cedric and the rest of the crew for all their hard work setting up this event.

I’ll see you all in a few days time

Here is a sneak preview of the board they will be riding:


Im really excited to see what you bring. Moja and Aaron will make for a very very strong team!

See you in Paris (or maybe @BigBen’s van for the journey down!)

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What the fuck is that ?!
Dang goodbye my good hopes of winning anything

It’s cool, nice to see that people are getting a little competitive ! If by any chances, all your tire seems to have been punctured, it wasn’t me :innocent: :joy:


Will you bring some board for us to try too ? :wink:

That is the new Street Wing P1 complete :slight_smile:

Looks like I need to hire some extra security :slight_smile:

You are most welcome to take the board for a test ride once the competitions are over - come and say hi!

I think so too :slight_smile: It’s going to be a whole lot of fun.

Working out the logistics with him at the moment. Do you have parking near your place? I might come up and meet you there if you are okay with that?

Going with bergmeister in the tunnel ?
I don’t know if I should register myself for this race too, only got small AT tires, on a normal deck

That is the plan, definitely going to be using the Bermeister hubs, may change the tyres if needed, will decide once we can scope out the track in person

yeah bro leave your car on my drive, I have parking for 4 cars

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amazing! can you pm me your postcode please?

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Yeah no worries, I have bought so much shit from you it should be engraved in your books by now!

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LMAO! I thought i’d ask rather than going full stalker on you :wink:


Shut your collective faces :sob:


so the rent for parking your car on my drive for the weekend is you have to lend me a board for a weekend for me to review @davdBanner! deal?

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You hopeless twonk.


only yourself to blame!


you can have a ride for sure, but it’s going to be racing and with me on the group ride :slight_smile:

oh i see, you mean after the event - doh! anytime man!


Yes another weekend! Got my own boards to ride in Paris, although I dont think I’ll be competing myself, just there to staff the event, meet some awesome people, make some YouTube content and have a great time. Cant wait!

Production board companies rallying up a race team is exactly what is needed to give Esk8 racing teeth. Good friendly competition is how a better board is developed for the masses. Talk is talk, glad to see a manufacturer stepping up. Good luck Street Wing.


Thanks @MoeStooge :slight_smile:

You have hit the nail on the head, for Street Wing competiton means a great place to test performance. And more importantly reliability, which is something I am obsessive about, the P1 has been tested for well over a year now before being released as it is absolutely vital that the product is reliable, as tempting as it has been to release prior to now I refuse to do that until it has been tested as much as humanly possible.

For the Paris event I am sure having production companies racing as well as sponsoring can only add to the event.

Basically its win win for everyone: Street Wing, the event organisers and the end customers who buy parts and complete skateboards