Pandora | Minority 40" | TB 218 | ABEC 90mm / MBSS 100mm | Unity | dual MayTech 6355

This is the my FoxTrot’s street variant sister, or possibly alter ego…same electronics and different everything else! As previously stated in the FoxTrot build, the enclosure and motors will be transferable between the two frames.

FoxTrot One

So what makes Pandora different? She’s meant for SPEED

The deck comes from my second ever board, it’s a Minority downhill 40" drop deck. Not spectacular quality but certainly good enough for me, I absolutely love the shape of the deck.

The trucks were Paris II 195mm with the old dickyho short mounts, but I’ve upgraded to some heavily used TorqueBoards 218mm with the reverse mounts, there was just enough room for the motors on the Paris but having better mounts and more stable trucks never hurt. Most likely I’ll use the TB in the back and the Paris in the front, I really like the carve on the Paris.

Wheels are going to be 90mm ABEC 11 SuperFly and 100mm MBS AT. I’ll probably keep the ABECs on for the smooth ride but some tougher wheels for grass is nice. They will be running 15:36 and 15:44 respectively, which should put me at speeds of 34 mph to 24 and mph on ABEC and 31 mph to 22 mph on the MBS. The goal was to max above 30 mph, have a nominal over the 25 mph speed limit for neighborhoods and campuses, and a minimum speed above a Boosted.

Instead of the crash bar on the front, this will have a pair of bike lights and a kayak handle on the side since it should be closer to 22 lbs. It will be 42" end to end so adding length would be a big no.

If I swap the wheel pulleys, I can push 38 mph with 15:36 on the 100mm wheels, but I doubt I ever will

As always, comments and suggestions are very welcome!


Noice. With these mounts I would suggest getting Dicky’s cross bar for support

These are the trucks and mounts, bought them a few hours ago\

The off-road board with the pnumatics has the cross bars

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snagged it from me! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

  • just kidding, looking forward to see this build :smiley:
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Most of the parts are here for this one, should be ready in a month

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So I’ve decided the MBS wheels with 44T pulleys get the normal bearings and will go on the TB218 trucks, the ABEC wheels with 36T pulleys get the race bearings and will go on the Paris 195 trucks

I taped everything to the deck and went for a ride, and holy shit it feels nice, problem is I can’t test the MBS/TB218 set because the trucks are stuck in the wrong orientation and the Paris mounts are slipping. The right mount dropped and the motor got SCUFFED

To fix it, I’ve drilled pockets in the hangar and the grub screws that bite into the surface now sit half in the hangar. I also rebored the holes for the clamp screws so they sit with more pressure, fingers crossed it works

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Fixed the TB218s…

I’ve decided to sell everything to make something new…most of my stuff is being sold to make FOCsTrot Lite…all quality parts and proper starts

Help fund the new build :wink: