Palpitation :Budget trike

Project Overview:

Ive really wanted ṭo trike it up over the last few years and it occurred to me today that i have most of the component pieces laying about doing bugger all…

Found roadside so no cost… Flying start but also its shot and will need a good tidy up and repair.

Bought a few years ago but i hardly use it now. Im not prepared to put bindings on it so committing offroad is tricky, its so damn heavy, i did take it out a couple of times on the moto x track during covid lockdowns, its still in great nic and i hope a good part of this project… or at least a source of parts… Ive done over a thousand k’s on the planetary gear drives and they still look brand new so Im hoping to pirate a set for the trike and then I’ll have plenty of spares from the other end. I picked the board up a few years ago for $1800 AUD so pretty cheap really and I had a lot of fun on it, Handles like a tank tho and it’s responsible for my broken shoulder… well… it was mostly my own fault, but I was riding it at the time.

I have two of these packs (one still in the M24) that I want to use, I had a few cut outs at about half battery on the pack above which I never got to the bottom of but voltage seems to be OK so I dunno… They sent me a replacement but it should be ok for this purpose anyway, at least I wont be propelled off it.

I have a spare Stormcore and Ubox laying about so will probably just ditch the ones in it currently, I dont know if much can be done with them, dual Lingyi… AFAIK they cant really be programmed further. I dont know yet, I may end up using it to keep costs down… and spares

These are the component pieces I have so far, much work to be done on all of them. It should be a fun project and I’m sure I’ll be hitting many a hurdle. I might even have dust off my old CAD skills fro a few bits.

Total Running cost $1800


Reserved Trike refurb

reserved M24 Chop

Reserved Battery

Haha nice. Should be a fun little project.