!!! P42A Batteries- SOLD !!!

  • Update, 40 batteries left ! I also have 19 30Qs you guys cleaned me out.

I have over 350 new unused batteries for sale!
I’m posting this separate and keeping this ad dedicated to batteries only

P42A Molicel Batteries*
Still in box and brand new:
Price ($3 Cell USD) or best offer


Where do you live

Got a receipt with date purchased?

I’ll probably take them

Seconded, and would you consider an sale of about half the lot?

Third if there’s any left after you guys plunder these.

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Where are You from?

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San Diego, CA. Will have to check on dates

@Battery_Mooch can you tell with the code? dates?

Batteries were purchased in 2020… Just got a message from my buddy who owns them…

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not sure if this helps


ur cell showing code 2J918, probably means: Year 2019 Sep 18th…maybe


@frame got it…manufactured Sept. 2019.
Spot check a few cell voltages…just to make sure all is okay.


I have tons of interest so if anyone wants these they should email me full name, address and paypal info ASAP… Just sold 100, I have roughly 200 left…

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Were you able to spot check a few of them for voltages? Just sent a DM also.


learned something new and useful today. thanks!

also molicel prints the manufactured dates on the end of their 200 cell cases but I don’t think these 100 cell packs were still in them.

…first post, second photo. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, and I refund cells if any are bad… this will not be the case though… Cells are good

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haha! What’s up man! Lets catch up soon!

then there ought to be a date on the box. All of mine have dates on them.



The date on the box is not the manufacture date (according to the code in the P42A datasheet). I guess it’s the date the cells were packaged?

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