OwO -- the travel friendly 4WD bouncy tricky 50mph emtb [WARNING: Dicks involved]

in the season of board build threads, here’s my continuing adventures with OwO
and yes, I know this is not “on time for BOTY”…


so after having a good run with my old board(6-8k miles old now) I’ve decided to branch out, make something more, beat-upable? more capable and a better all rounder, specially for when the frozen water starts fallin from the sky

now, I hope you can bear with me, this is gonna be a dooozy, already wildly different stuffs has been installed since I built it in the summer. It started off as plans for a nice jumper 2wd, but uhhh, yeah that didn’t happen. and after plenty peer pressure, it went from a supposed-to-be 35 ish? mph board to as fast as my balls would let me go

gonna try to keep it short but juicy :smirk: cause I know som y’all don’t wanna read. is ok I don’t like readin either
ok let’s get started.

Parts as of the writing of this yarn ball:
Tramps 9/69nice w/ Wings; 14 Ply*
*website is broken as always @Trampa pwease fix your website

wiggly bits
Apex Airs
83A Chubbies roadside and Fatcones boardside

ESC and Pack
Lacrocs 100D (times 2!)
–Poast Power modular* 18s5p
*experimental term

rotate-y bits
Boardnamics M1 AT V2
• 21:82 straight cut
maytech 6355 170 kv
MBS Rockstar IIs
• stock width (I know y’all not gonna read much further other than lookin at pics lmao)
Land-Surf RS 6.5"
• 7" tubes

DRI OSRR (of the penile variety)
robogotchi & GPS
MBS Bindings
Pelican Storm iM1250
catbox 2

old stuff
hoyt pucc
poastmote 2
maytecc 6365 170 kv
DBS 6s1p

enough with the parts, onto building

poast packs

ok so uhhh, let’s start with the battery! So I fly between school and home at least 4 times a year. And ain’t no way I’m using my god given legs. So on my old board, I used to take 6 6s 4.2Ah lipos with me, cause the TSA doesn’t have a limit for the amount of batteries <100Wh, long as the airline is ok with the amount you bring.

but of course, I wanted moar. Sooooooooo in early? 2021 I asked @BenjaminF (my goodness your handle :smirk: is hard to remember) to make me a couple 6s1p p42a battery packs…

10 packs later he stopped making small packs altogether lmao
still completely fine while flying, but I still wanted moar

enter: Poast Pack 1.0
6s1p P42A flat packs. 15 made over the course of 24 hours over 3 days.
I hope I got my math right
–90 cells
–150 battery tabs
–600 rounded corners
–105 balance lead solder joints
–2400 spot pairs
–15 main battery lead pairs
–I didn’t measure how much fishpaper and tape I used
–2 beers
–and a glass of wine

and yes I have been able to take it flying with me, though the TSA got puckered real nice and decided a materials specialist was needed… they asked me a whol lotta questions and then took pics for documentation :eyes:
in total on that trip, I had
–all 15 poast power packs
–3 6s 4.2Ah lipos
–2 6s 1.05Ah lipos
–and a hole lotta extra bits of battery powered things

just the batteries alone adds up to 1724.94Wh :sweat_smile:
the TSA loves me

I don’t wanna bore you with the build process with words (it was pretty uneventful tbh except when I gave myself a burn that blistered with a hot glue gun), it’s almost the same as, most battery packs, just without a BMS
–single stack
–double layer uhhhhhhh 10mm nickel
but here’s a photo montage

woo buddy battery buy

FP rings on the plussy bois

half the bois were condomized

hot glue

moar hot glue

biggie bricky pack

tinning all the tabs

cutting corners

bam. welded


oops broke my iron

first pack done, tested a wiring layout idea

nah, goin a different route

balance wires



hot bois

second pack done

naked :smirk:

ooooooo, naked from the bak :weary: :sweat_drops:
don’t have any other photos

BAM 18s5p pack I can take flying with me, sort of
it’s always scary when I go lol

that’s all, really

the full shaft

the build
lots of photos, uhhhh let’s see what I got,
turns out I got a lot of photos so we skippin round this a bit mebe, keep it fresh

here’s teh dick

uhhhh, skip a few steps, here’s the whole thing sans the electronics

and then, as protecc, I designed and made bash guards

then I wend back in and wrapped my gear drives, cause I have a problem lol

now the fun part! I guess break from pics for a second… so here I am, wanting to meet up with a group ride on a saturday morning, and I’m here sitting, friday afternoon, not having done the electronics yet. now it doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, it was a lot. on top of that, sadge 100Ds weren’t in stock so I had to resort to using 2 60D+s (which worked wonderfully)
so it’s time to pull an all nighter and prep this bad boi. what does this entail?
– redoing the motor phase wires
– redoing the motor sensol wires
– making the wiring harness for the batteries
– i guess that’s really about it…

aight here we go

first, we circumcise the sensor wires

then we make new motor phase wires

then blah blah bam! cable sleeving

and then get high on solder fumes and reduce my lifespan by about 5 years

5 minutes in cad and we make som cable holes for the top mount peli baby boy

and we make some sensor adapter thingies (watch out for these later)

some magic later and we got our wires ready to go

onto the battery harness!

first, 4 series pairs

then we put all the positives of the 4 pairs in parallel, same with the neg

and on the other side have it split in parallel for the escs! bobs your mama uncle, you got a setup for “12s4p” on 4wd

whoosh! completed electronics

i guess that’s all for the first round of building…

next day a very successful ride, 39 km round trip! with bowling!



we move to 18S!

ok, so maybeeeeeeeeee 3weeks pass? I’m not gonna check, it was a short time

here’s what we gonna do:
– make new wiring harness
– use the poast packs (before this, lipos and the duck packs were used)
– make a custom box for the escs
– fix some flaws

so the day after the maiden ride, we go offroading!
ok, I guess not exactly the day after
the day after the day after

we hit them pebbles

now what happened? I broke 60% of my sensor cables, right at the mr30 connectors
too brittle. so what we do?

we get rid of the middle man

and then go out on more riding the the day after the day after the day after the day after the day of the maiden ride (that’s 4 days later, right?)

oh look! silly photos, messing with yetis and bushings
and weight without batteries for those curious





CHAPTER 69 for the dicks






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Dick Warning? You’ve piqued my interest.


gimme a moment, will make a dick chapter

Holy crap the amount of soldering in this build

Idk if I could put myself through that many balance wire connections


oh there’s more
i can try to recount all the phase and sensor joints later if ya want


Definitely opened this seeing the dick reference. Nice touch on the genital analogies too :blush:.

I was about to say nice job on the mr30 connectors for sensor wires and wanted to do the same, then read further haha.

Those travel packs are brilliant but yes, too much soldering as Shuttershock mentioned.

*edit: and I meant too much soldering for me to be arsed with it. Excellent work by you!!

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This looks definitely OwO

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It’s been 5hrs, and I see no dicks yet

Yeah, right here in comment above :point_up_2: