Ownboard W2 dual belt motor kit question

Good day everyone, I’m thinking of buying the ownboard W2 dual belt motor kit to install on my backfire G2T. However, is it possible to swap the wheels to AT wheels on this kit?

I have read quite a mixed reviews some saying the max size is only 97mm wheels but have never seen anyone using AT wheels on this kit before.

AT wheels as in pnumatics. No chance they’re going to fit.

AT wheels as in Foamies. They might fit, still a abec core, motor pulley cover might have to be removed, and you’ll lose a lot or torque in that swap, but that’s not to say it can’t be done.

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even if the pulley cover were to be removed, the pnumatics AT wheels will not fit?

The two biggest potential issues I can think of with pneumatic wheels: the motor mount may to short to fit a pneumatic sized pulley in which case it just wont work, and you may not have enough clearance on the deck with trucks that narrow and large pnumatics since your deck selection may also be limited by the motor orientation/location.

Whose motors are 260-270 kvs to little Tourqe for large wheels so if u say AT like evolve or Bergmister I think u should look for something else. That “kit” will work good-ish for regular Longboard wheels.

Thanks for the advise, I guess I will just save up for a proper belt drive that can run AT.

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Get the Ownboard dualkingpin trucks with mounts.
A bit more $$

Or u can get them on AliExpress for 55$ and u can buy motors from Ali also it all about Ali baby. U just need some motor mount

Sorry I got a noob question, been searching around but can’t seems to find an answer.

How do I know what’s the max wheels diameter my deck and truck can install without getting wheel bite?

Or what truck do I need to fit a 6" AT wheels on backfire deck? (If I were to buy separate parts to convert the backfire into belt drive)

You can buy hub AT wheel kit here (backfire drives)

And buy the ownboard AT drive kit here:

Even with shipping, they are priced pretty fairly. They also come with matching ESC’s and remotes.

All you would need is a deck, enclosure, and battery to make a complete!