Overwhelmed by Possibilities

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5 years ago, i started my Esk8 journey when I saw Casey Neistat on a boosted board for the first time.

I saw the price of that shit and said: “i can do that cheaper…” Oh boy I was wrong.

After a long journey all alone, a shitload of iterations on a first build that was destined to fail, i saved up and built my first proper esk8, which gave me a lot of work but also great love for the hobbie, and A LOT of lessons learned.

This journey has taken me to this moment in which for the first time im building a board from scratch (kinda, as most of my parts are used, or came in a combo), and this is going to be the build thread of Overwhelmed, my next board.

Where am I now:

I’m at a weird point at the moment. I have most of the parts needed to build and Esk8 but I haven’t got the idea clear in my head, so I’m asking you guys for help to decide on what I should do.

I’m basically deciding between two deck setups, one that would be pure MTB even though I will use pretty much mixed, and one more street oriented with the trampa carver deck.

So my part list is:

Esc: Stormcore 100D

Battery: 14s5p Samsung 40T that i will build once decided where I will put it lol.

Trucks: Trampa vertigo

GD: 3d servisas Fatboy 4’5:1 V3 (Man i don’t even know the name anymore)

Wheels: 8 inch pneumies with 3d servisas hubz

Motors: I currently have Tb 6380 170kv but I will buy 6384 140kv from flipsky or 63100 140kv as it is cheaper than buying the replacement pinions for the gear drive.(if I sell the TB motors obviously)

Deck: I have two possible deck choices which heavily influences the battery build so I need to decide which one I will enjoy more.

Haero bro Apex predator deck, Stiff: Got it at a great price, i don’t have an enclosure for it. Nor a Vesc enclosure.

Trampa CARVER 14 ply deck: Bought from @Ukesu it is beautiful but once I have tested it i think it might not be long enough for me. I like the flex and it’s probably great for a more street oriented build.

I have a enclosure for it in where everything fits precisely, as I bought everything surrounding this deck and enclosure combination.

So, at the moment I have to make an important decision, do I buy an enclosure for the haero? To check if I like the feel of it, or do I stick with what I have and don’t look back.

Has anyone built a battery that can be laid flat, and then if needed, lay in a brick formation? How would you tackle such challenge?

Tldr: read the two last paragraph.


Will you be using bindings?

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If I choose the haero for sure I will do, in the future tho as buying a enclosure will let me out of money for a while. I don’t think I can fit bindings in the trampa deck, it is pretty small and I don’t think it would be comfortable. I’ve never tested how bindings feel tho.

I haven’t personally, but yes it’s possible. For the sake of argument you want a 12s4p P42A as a double stack and as a brick, you’d get 6x 2s4p double stack bricks with a 5.5mm bullet termination and a 3 pin JST balance lead with a layer of fish paper then shrink wrap and some dual lock or velcro, then to make the flat battery you stick them to the enclosure in a flat 3x2 array and if you wanted it in a brick you stick them to each other in a vertical 3x2 array


Personally I would not ride the trampa deck without bindings. And if you’re getting bindings, then you could just top mount everything in a box in the middle like Ben did:

But if you’re not doing serious offroading, then a bottom-mounted enclosure would definitely look cooler.

A 16s4p would fit nicely in any enclosure meant for 12s4p + ESC, like Big Ben’s Haero Bro enclosure, if you top mount the ESC (you could 3d print Poast’s enclosure for the 100D, or get one from Apex if you have the money). That’s what I was going to do before I sold you the 100D :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you need 6384 motors, you could get those from Apex and then save on shipping by also ordering the deck from them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Only 190kv in stock atm though


To add to everything, i love the possibilities both decks bring to me and I don’t want to get rid of none of them, but I’m feeling like a channel truck it’s not the perfect fit for the Trampa. Also, i don’t want something that feels like a big boat so that’s my fear with the haero. In an ideal world i would build a battery that fits both decks at the same time, but that will be a challenge as space in the trampa deck it’s tight.

You can put bindings on anything with a long enough platform, I have F5 bindings on a 42" Demonseed right now, and anything you run bindings on you can top mount an enclosure to easily


You know the Trampa deck is meant to have bindings, top mount enclosure, and channel trucks with 8" tires right?


Yeah but this trampa deck it’s like 85 cm long, which is very short lol, top mount could be an option, but the deck have beautiful lights integrated on top and I don’t want to ruin them!

Shit, Trampa CARVER deck, important detail there​:rofl::rofl: i forgot to add the name lmao. It is a lot shorter than trampa MTB decks!

Ah okay, yeah don’t put an off road setup on that

Is it the 20 or 35 degree nose version?


35 degree one, i think the Luna trucks, the apex airs or something like that with bergs or small pneumatics will make an awesome board for joy rides, that is also kind of portable!

The difference:

Normal MTB

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Gross, go for the Haero for sure


It’s this deck btw


Fuck that does look nice though

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Considering the high frequency noise generated by the EL wire and EL panel, mounting the ESC & receiver in a top-mounted enclosure makes a lot of sense imo

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Im totally doing this if I get the bro as spending arrownd 100€ in a box for the vesc it’s pretty much out of the question. (I could 3d print one tho).

Take in account it’s the carver short one, not the MTB one:

Totally agree, it would also qualify the board as an ultra board as I can put it upside down and only the wheels touch the floor!

Im afraid 4p it’s probably not enough for me range ways in 8 inch wheels… I think I will stick with the 14s 5p that i initially intended (i already have a BMS for it) with a possible 16s upgrade as if I pick the haero bro I can probably fit a lot more cells.

I’m currently in the process of thinking a way to build the battery in a way I could use it for two builds at once ( as if in the future if I want to build the trampa carver board I would just need to buy drivetrain and wheels)

I totally need 140kv ones as I’m not going to go 80kmh anytime soon :rofl::rofl: (or ever in an Esk8, I’m prone to falling)

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It is right? It is also so bouncy, and looks like great fun, also the size its perfect as it fits in my trunk, haero does not fit in a million years lmao

I didn’t realize this deck had wings, so that + the soft grip tape would probably be fine without bindings.

16s4p = 64 cells
14s5p = 70 cells
It’s basically the same, just do whatever fills the enclosure up the most! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

14s 140kv 200mm 4.5 ratio 86% efficiency

14s 190kv 200mm 4.5 ratio 86% efficiency

I would go for the 190kv if you did 14s personally