Out of the Loop a While - Foc Unity to VESC Firmware?

Ive been out of the loop for some time, and just put my board away for winter.

I run a Focbox Unity with FW23.44 on it. Haven’t really had any trouble. I read on the VESC blog that the latest VESC firmware works with the unity.

Is that true? Are there any bugs I should concern myself with in installing?

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Vesc firmware 5.2 has a few small anomalies pertaining to four-wheel drive. However it works pretty well on the unity as it is.

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Just be aware that vesc software treats the unity as two devices. You must set your board up for each side. For example, your 40A battery is now 20A per side.


Does this mean I have two CAN devices as well? I run a DieBieMS that’s bound to complicate some things.

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Nah, should be fine. the bms will be on vesc ID 10/11 and the unity will default to something very different.

Well I can’t get my 23.44 firmware to update with the FocBox Tool OR the VESC Tool, keep getting errors about firmware compatibility from both tools. Looks like I’m stuck with 23.44

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Is there a specific thing you need the newer firmware for?

I’m trying to build an ESP32 (Arduino IDE) CAN receiver to run things like brake lights and running lights from CAN input from the ESC and DieBieMS.

I unfortunately can’t seem to pick up on anything other than CAN_PACKET_STATUS (1) (there are 5 total CAN packets as I understand it) which in part I am attributing to the fact that I can’t set the CAN structure in the FocBox Tool.

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Though come to think of it, Metr Pro doesn’t seem to have any trouble displaying things like PPM position, and some of the outlier CAN info. Maybe I just didn’t dig deep enough.