Optimum Vesc settings?

Looking for anyone’s advice on the optimum Vesc settings for my build. I am running two Racestar 5065 200kv motors (max current: 46A), two flipsky vescs (4.12, 50A continuous / 240A peak), a 10s3P battery and an Evolve AT kit.

I just wanted some opinions on vesc setup. Here is what I got so far:

Settings (per vesc)
Motor Max: 40A
Motor Min: -40A
Battery Max: 30A
Battery Min:-10A

Are these good settings? I just don’t want to fry anything.

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What cells are in your battery pack?

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We would need to know the specs of your battery. 30A battery max on both vescs makes a total of 60A battery max, so you need to make sure that your battery pack can supply that amount of amps.


Unfortunately I do not know. It was a freebie I got from alien power systems after I fried my last one (I’d solder the xt connector the wrong way round). I think it was a spare old one that APS had lying around. There is no info on it.

Without knowing the battery info, are there safe / default setpoints I could use just get it running, and then optimize through trial and error?

Lower your motor min to like 12

Thanks for the advice. Just to confirm, are you recommending the following settings:

Per vesc:
Motor Max: 30A
Motor Min: -12A
Battery Max: 30A
Battery Min:-10A

If i set any of these values too high/low, am I likely to fry my battery again?

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You shouldn’t have a problem running 55 motor A and 50 battery A. But make sure you set a voltage limit

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Voltage limit? What setting would you recommend for voltage limit? Is that the same as the battery cutoff?

You can still safely set the motor limit to 60-80a with only 30a battery limit per vesc.


I use 32v cutoff start and 29v cutoff end.

I think on all my boards I use 60/-60 motors and I have decent brakes. I would rather stress my pack, motors and components than not be able to stop when I need to. Just be aware you are doing it and give the board time to recover when you go over the limits.

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How could you know this? What if the battery is a 10s2p 30Q battery? That can only put out 30-40a total. If he goes full out and has 50A battery max on both vescs, that will not end well pushing the batteries so far over the limit.

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Sorry, I am finding this a little confusing :exploding_head: Are we saying that the following settings are good?

Per vesc:
Motor Max: 30A (or change to 60A)
Motor Min: -12A (or change to -60A)
Neither setting will blow the Vesc’s or the battery, but 60/-60 will perform better. However it will stress the system and possibly fry a vesc (but not the battery)?

Battery Max: 30A
Battery Min: -10A
32v cut off start, 29v cut off end.
As long as these setting are adhered to the battery should be safe?

Because i run a 10s2p in that configuration and ive never had a problem

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Look on alien power systems, they have a 10S3P pack for sale that they rate @ 10C discharge per cell. The pack is 8700mah * 10C = 87A.

It actually has an 80A BMS so it should be fine running 60A

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yes I recommend to keep your battery max at 30a for now and increase your motor max to 60a. if you keep the motor max at 30a you may find you are somewhat lacking in acceleration. later on you could increase the motor max up to 80a or even 120a, while retaining the 30a battery limit.


Thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate you giving me the time to help me through this. Hopefully I’ll not blow up another battery :crossed_fingers:

sorta helps to check basic things like which way around you have your plugs etc with a multimeter first

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Yep, first thing I brought afterwards was a multimeter.

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Do you know if I could run this setup in FOC, or would that potentially brick the Vesc’s?

The reason I ask is that one of the motors sporadically judders quite violently when running it in BLCD.
The motors have sensor cables which I could connect to the Vesc’s, however I’ve read that they can be unreliable and it’s safer to leave them unconnected.