Optimal configurations thread

The hole point of diy is you tweak it to what you want. If your happy with a 1size fits all go buy a pre built it will end up cheeper compared to a first time diy of the same standard

That you one size fits all treat it as a starting point than can easily go in any direction that your preference takes you

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2.78:1 straight-cut gear drive (18/50)
6384 170kv motors
12s4p of a good 30A+ rated battery
Maker-X VESC(s)

60km/h on pneumatics, 50km/h on thane, over 35Km range if you ride under 45km/h

Any advise for this set up?

MOTOR: Dual 6368 Belt Motor 1500 Watt*2 170KV
ESC: Custom Hobbywing ESC W/ Hall Sensor for Smooth Acceleration and Safe Brake, Designed for Least Battery Sag.
BATTERY:36V 10S4P 20Ah, 720 Watt Hours(Lishen 21700 5000mAh Cells)

I’m running 47T/15T on 150mm pneumatics and take off torque is a bit lacking but speed is pretty good.

upgrading to bergs with 6x2 clevers and I can pick custom wheel pulley teeth count but not sure what to go with.

a tad more torque would be nice but not sure if its worth sacrificing speed or how it will effect range which I need minimum 14 miles.