ONSRA NX remote and Black Carve 3 TLDR: no VESC compatibility

Did you guys see this tease? No additional info as of yet


only care about it if it’s VESC compatible :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Going through all the trouble of making such a complex remote, they surely targeted a wider audience than just Onsra board owners. We’ll see.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t be so sure. I was super excited about that new Backfire remote with the fingerprint sensor… but no VESC version. Here’s to hoping though.

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Yeah looks super cool, and the new Onsra board seems to have smart reverse, which is a VESC-only feature right now, so there’s a chance they are going to use some vesc derivative for this new project.


metal VX2 with OnsraOS, cool.

just like the JayKay remote though, if it’s not VESC-compatible it’s essentially worthless to us.

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Black Carve 3 is up for preorders, specs are out. I asked in an email about the compatibilty of the NX remote with VESC and am waiting for the response.

RESPONSE: Our ONSRA NX is compatible with our Orion ESC that was specifically designed for us. The new UI is customized for our boards.


tis a shame


I thought that remote looked really good, I’d like to see more security innovations in the future with boards in general.


Those Samsung 50S cells look really decent on paper for the capacity, I think it’s the first production board I’ve seen using them using them.

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Are they any different to the saggy 30 amp 50e?

Where are you finding a 50E that can do 30A?

So it’s a hobbywing

“custom design” pretty much always means hobbywing nowadays. Probably the newer 9028 model that’s been getting slapped into everything as of late.

its a hobbywing 9043, you can see it in their water proof test video


In the black carve 2

he’s saying the 50E is a 10a cell.



Yeah the 12s3p. I’m interested to know what the difference is with this 50s in the same configuration in the bc3. His vids are also claiming the 6374 140kv motors are more efficient than the 6368 170kv in the previous gen.

Surprised they didnt go 12s4p

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