“Only 3 months used” Electric Longboard For Sale! 500€ Buying parts is optional too

Hi everybody!
I’d like to sell my DIY eboard, because I can’t use it usually anymore. I’d like to find him a better owner. :slight_smile: I used the board just for 3 months and it’s in a great condition! :slight_smile:

-Olson and Hekmati D97 deck (97 cm, wheelbase: 70 cm)
-TorqueBoards 2.4 ghz Nano Remote
-TorqueBoards 6355 190KV 2500W motor (with single bolt on motor mount, motor pulley: 16T, HTD5 12mm)
-FLAT 10S2P Eskating Battery Samsung 30Q (36V, 216Wh, 6000mAh)
-Torque ESC (BLDC)
-ABEC 11 Flywheels Clones 73A duro 97 mm black wheels

Hungary, 8913, Egervár
First price: 500€

You can buy just parts, too!!!
Torque ESC sensor wires, battery display wires and helmet as a gift!

Have a good day!


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You would have better luck with the sale if you added a few things.
Asking price
List of components on build
A few more pictures if you have them
Your location in title
Details details details.

Good luck with your sale and welcome to the forum.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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