Onloop Asking senior members opinion?

I think onloop has gotten the hint that his way is not working. Plenty of “senior” members have expressed their concerns only to be banned, threatened or not listened to. It’s only the beginning




Someone finally said it to his face lol.

@torqueboards :+1:


I think he got the hint that were not dealing with his BS


Either way lol … we should all split. Ain’t no saving face… he’s done this countless times and with the power… he doesn’t have the self control to stop which is obvious lol.


Harping on about free use for other vendors and fair competition and then demanding a royalty from you for existing on a community forum is the height of hypocrisy :man_shrugging:


Guys, I think bridges have been burned and some of us have gone to a point of no return. There is no half pregnant. we are out and memorial day will mean a little bit more for all of us :slight_smile:




Jason has decided to allow other vendors to use his forum, which is fair enough.
There are limitations though. I can’t post on the market place for example.
There is always a conflict when manufactures host forums.
It’s a fine line in between openness, which is the key for success, and control and censorship.
The later one is poison, especially when it gets random. I’m totally for flagging and removing certain posts when it comes to hate speech and post that are not appropriate or violate the forum rules. The community can flag stuff and it indicates when it thinks something is not O.K. Moderators can then have a look and act accordingly. This procedure is bottom up, not top down.

Personally I thing @longhairedboy will do a good job hosting this forum for the community. Heads up LHB!


I always thought you were a class act, one day I hope to see a picture of you and Mike breaking bread over a whiskey

I am grateful for your product development for the betterment of esk8 and even though some folks don’t like it and feel your products are expensive in comparison to China-made products, they are not forced to buy them…it is OS & there is always Flipsky if price is the only thing that matters.

With other alternatives coming on stream there will be plenty of competition to get Trampa competitive-minded

I get the vesc project

Please consider becoming a patreon if not already, I think you know it is not a shake-down

PS. Wand is very cool, I vant it!

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Silverfish Style would mean mods all retiring after 14 years of uptime, all the content being stuck in outdated dead-end software, with the community being content enough about the whole thing to let it happen.

Going out silverfish style would be a huge win.


We do support if needed and I will get in thouch with @longhairedboy about that.


Yeah the community together is going to shoulder the burden no vendor is going to have to sigh every month…a few $

He wants to do giveaways etc too, and Trampa gear is desirable…A Wand in celebration of a new beginning maybe

Jason is only human, your understanding and tolerance towards him and forum shenanigans in light of recent events shows a lot of maturity, good for you

But yes, he did not close out other vendors, this is very true. They were welcome to market goods & I’m sure it was a bitter pill to swallow sometimes especially with Dexter’s offerings which are somewhat samey-samey.

Some smaller producers even managed to keep their thread on the For Sale forum, small-time vendors for which he did not feel threatened by or that would have no way of paying a worthwhile amount.

The alternative would have been unknown, competing forums, more websites, better to have what you don’t want in sight and somewhat under your control…business


Wait whaaat? Did I hear free stuff somewhere??? Didn’t know about that…i see that’s my place now :joy:


I just wish all the info was saved somewhere because silverfish had alot of amazing info about longboarding thats hard to find elsewhere.


I have a great respect for Jason. As a matter of fact I admire him. On the other hand…my country has been under a dictatorship for over 40 years. I can recognize a dictator when I see one.
Fuck Jason.
End of line.


Aside from the business stuff I remember how so many times he would come into a piece full thread spout his opinion and suddenly it would blow up.

Like how thin urethane is better and that everyone will be ridding hub motors in 2 years as they are scientifically the best.


Being fair though, he drags a lot of drama behind him because of his position and personality. I expect if I dropped into a thread like that and shat my opinion out people would just flag me and move on.

Jason isn’t perfect and neither are we for reacting.


That was oddly logical and understanding. I’m proud of you :grinning:


I’ll give you one of those for every 6 PM’s of my balls.

… ask Mike if I’m kidding.