OneWheel Hub Motor Offerings

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Not everyone is going to be interested in this thread but there are quite a few of us that have shown interest in the DIY One Wheel community and how it works. There are two main suppliers that I know of (third party) that people typically buy OneWheel hubs from, and that is, Floatwheel, and Fungineers.



Floatwheel is out of stock on their hub motor until who knows when, so that leaves either acquiring a PHUB from taobao or similar, or buying fungineer’s offerings.

I’ve not had any experience purchasing from fungineers before but my experience purchasing a set of rails from floatwheel was a huge pain (crypto transaction, no shipping tracking, super long waiting, etc.)

Anyways, our friends over at Spintend have recently posted a picture of a hub motor on their Instagram, and it is now listed on their site. @AmySpintend

I am largely unfamiliar with the sizes of hub motors, so I’m not sure how to compare these, but it appears to me that the Spintend one might be the one with the least amount of power.

I spoke for a while with Amy on Instagram to try and find out some more information about the hub motor and she sent me the following graph, which is from PeiPei scooter (presumably the manufacturer of said hub motor)

Using basic kv calculation it comes out to 7.35 kv but I don’t think that I did it right.

Anyways, she said that the motor is good for up to 60V, which is great for onewheels. Moreover, even if Spintend is offering to re-sell this hub motor, this is a good thing for us because Spintend has shown to be great on the side of customer service and they have a positive outlook overall, versus PeiPei, which I just learned of today.

Furthermore, Amy / Spintend are looking to improve the market for their hub offerings and are willing to look into getting better, more customized ones. She said that she hopes maybe they can achieve a 2000w motor someday, but that it would likely increase in diameter and maybe in width. This current motor offering is only 600w. Is that enough? I don’t know, I’ve still not ridden one.

Spintend hopes that users / customers will be able to pair their new single Ubox with the hub motor and be able to build some great rigs with it:

Amy said she knows that the Vesc is able to handle a lot more current than some other balance esc’s and that coming up with a 2000w motor could be something interesting to pursue. She also mentioned that there is a MOQ, of course, for custom orders and that this first motor they sell, the 600w, is to test the waters and see if it is worth looking into more custom work.

What do you guys think? Personally I’m happy to see Spintend start offering this, and I will consider them as I acquire parts for my very own DIY build.

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I think this is great. This hub looks similar to the floatwheel hub. I know that the floatwheel hub is from a scooter company, might be the same one but not sure.

I’ve also seen a few people use this new single ESC with a built-in IMU on various forums. Looks like a good option.

And I agree, the Floatwheel transaction and shipping times are ridiculous.

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It looks like the older Funwheel hub, from before they changed the motor connecter to proper ones.

I’m sure it’s a decent motor, but I have a feeling it’s either the same motor as the Funwheel or Floatwheel the spec image looks the same to me at least.

And if they need an MOQ for a custom motor and are just “testing the waters” as it were, then I’d further guess this is just an older Funwheel motor.

Which is fine.

12S, btw, or a max of 60v, isn’t ideal for a Onewheel shaped board. Not at all. The benefits of higher voltage in a balance vehicle are much more pronounced than in an eskate.

Floatwheel is hard to order from, but those guys are very much in the way of completing a project and moving on to the next one. They’re working on a V3 Floatwheel with a larger high voltage motor, and some other things last I heard.

This motor is functional, I’m sure. And probably could run higher voltages. A few have on these motors without issues.

But, it’s either a phub 188 or a Funwheel motor.

At which point, I’m out.

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I don’t really see how it being rated for 60v is 12s. 12s maxes out at 50.4v, I think you could easily do 14s, or even push it to 15s, since it’s just a motor.

Their shipping is god awful so far

Cool that they’re working on a new one though

Hm, I was thinking that it probably was. I guess the only benefit here then is buying from spintend versus peipei

You’re right about that. I probably misread the intention of your post.

But, unless this offers something different to the Funwheel hub, I don’t currently see the point.

If Spintend wants to contribute to that build platform, they should design and release a better motor. This feels like they’re just reselling an already available motor platform, which doesn’t do much for “the waters” as it were.

So far Floatwheel is the only company who’s even started to make a motor with a 6" rim to use more standard US kart tires. And who knows when that’ll even happen.

The DIY Onewheel community needs better options, not more of the same. I hate to sound miserly, but I’ve seen plenty of pseudoenthusiastic products riding in on the minimum viable product path.

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Hmm yeah well I mean they already have it for sale but I guess the main feedback is that we do indeed want more powerful and bigger

What do you think is the max size a onewheel motor can be in diameter, maybe 12 inch max?

I wonder how big the so called 2000w one would be

Im also looking to build a high voltage onewheel, but I think it would probably be best to wait for better technology.

The firmware is also still wonky, although surfdado just released a new one that seems to be heading in the right direction.

As for floatwheel… According to the discord, v3 is going to come out in 2023.

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Hello, trying to find the right motor has been absolutely atrocious.

So far the closest to the source I’ve gotten is this:

Which looks exactly like the float/ funwheel/ phub motor, but I’m still not sure this is the original manufacturer. Seems more likely then peipei, but still.

Floatwheel claim 1200W on that motor, which is very different than the 500W stated by the alibaba seller, which means it’s either a bespoke version of it, or that number has been derived a different way.

The alibaba listing features the same charts you pulled from the peipei motor, which makes me think peipei was a reseller, since Henan Lunyee seem to be a more reputable company with a vast selection of motors. They also offer dropshipping and customization, so it’s easy to imagine that this could be the motor everyone is selling. I’ll try to get in touch with them an post an update if anything comes of it.

Why is it so hard to find a nice 6" wide 1500W hub motor with a 6"rim?


I find the motor :
But I never saw someone using it for a OneWheel… however it seems appropriate

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The contact patch on this is wayyyy too narrow. This isn’t gonna be stable

Yes with this tyre, but we can change by an other flat.

What would be the width of your proposed tire?

Have you heard any updates since about this V3 Floatwheel?

I have not, unfortunately.