Onewheel GT Battery Rewiring for ENNOID XLITE V3

I recently completed this job for a shop doing DIY/VESC-based conversions on the Onewheel GT, and the battery needed to connect to the @ENNOID XLITE V3 that was planned for the build.

I wrote a log of the work on my blog, and so I will share it here. Please forgive me for not mirroring the entire write-up. It was a good amount of work to compose, and I don’t currently have it in me to do again. My apologies.

Either way, I hope it’s helpful or useful for some. I also go over some of my thoughts on the battery construction, and some rationale as to why I did some of the modifications I did.


That is a frakkin’ write-up! Thank you for taking the time to do all that work.
Great to see so many potential issues being addressed that many just ignore or aren’t even aware of.


Thank you, I really appreciate that.


Stellar write-up, Mario :clap:

Thorough, succinct and clear as hell. :beers: