One wheel stops pushing at high torque and speeds

Hello Guys:
I’m having an issue my eBomber build.

My motors are Maytech 6365 170kv and I’m currently using a FocBox Unity with the latest FW.

If I push the throttle all the way for maximum acceleration one of the wheels looses power, this is very dangerous as it makes me loose my balance, if I let the throttle and push it again halfways it goes back to normal until I push it again at full power and it goes crazy again.

No errors are stored on the ESS memory during this ocassions.

Do you think I’m pushing the motors too much?, I have set the battery current at 100A, 50A for each motor.

Let me know what you guys think


Do you have the duty cycle current limit start setting lowered to ~85%?

And by latest FW, do you mean the last unity specific FW (23.46) or general vesc FW 5.2


I’m running the generic FW5.2

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I think your settings are normal. I have set higher.

Can you check what that setting I mentioned, duty cycle current limit start, is set at?

If you don’t need HFI or smart reverse, I’d run the 23.46 firmware. It was rock solid for me and I’ve had full throttle weirdness on 5.1 FW.

What remote? Several Vx1 and vx2 users have had issues with unities.

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I think a solid upgrade for the VESC tool would be detailed display of both motors info, current, duty and such. Not that looking at a phone should be used to diagnose issues while riding, too fast.

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I’ll have to open the enclosure to connect the USB port, the Generic VESC tool does not allow to read these values

If you’re using the mobile version, go to motor config, tap the second drop down menu “general” and switch to “advanced”

then scroll down a bit

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It sure sounds like this.

I thought 5.2 defaulted it to 85% but we will see.

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not even variESC tool was set to 85% for me