🖼 ON THIS DAY . . .


Sometimes its good to take a minute and reflect.
Remember the good times that may have been forgotten.
Look back at how ek8 was and how our journeys began.
And to appreciate how far we have come.

This thread has been on my mind for a while, but I noticed that today is somewhat of an important anniversary in esk8 history so it seemed like the perfect time to get things started.


This is a place to post your photos of previous builds, historic events, and important moments that may otherwise be forgotten.

. . . BUT . . .

Explanation and discussion of photos Is fine, lets keep this place a little more conversational than the “pictures and nothing else” thread.

Lets get started . . .


ON THIS DAY . . . Three years ago

I packed my new DIY build into car and set off at 4AM to meet 2 strangers i had only ever spoke to on .builders

Those strangers were @BigBen and @Lee_Wright. Little did we know that this was the beginning of a journey far bigger than we ever expected.

By that evening we had arrived at “IT’S ELECTRIC” event in Paris.
One of (if not) the best esk8 event i have ever attended.

This was my first big esk8 event and also the first time i met many people that are now good friends.


2nd year using a boosted board and our community had rides like this big. Guy in the foreground was a ambassador from out of town. I think this was for the first city vs city showdowns


1 year ago today

then he went to get milk and never returned… jk he’s coming back to visit in 2 days


Amazing. The days of boosted only group rides seem like a lifetime ago. 7 miles between charge stops? :joy:


Coincidentally I looked at Google Photos and I had gotten a proper charger and first BMS for the board on this day last year. This happened 6 months after I finished the board, and it’d be another 2-3 months and another BMS before I actually got it working. Cut my average charge time from 14 hours to 1, which was convenient to say the least.


I didn’t think I will find anything worth to share, but I opened my journal and …

On this day two years ago I went on morning esk8 ride and broke my ribs

I had my dual 6374, focbox, 10S4P, abec 107 board that I bought second hand recently. As I have found out, board had ridiculous amount of issues, so I was nervous riding it, but it was still rideable.

I was riding my usuall asphalt route alongside river, most of the asphalt was 1 year old at the time, so silky smooth ride. On my way back home I was going against the wind and board was making all sorts of clicking noises, so my attention was little shifted on that from the road.

And at one moment, I was flying through the air for some reason having no clue what happened. I hit the ground quite hard, but to my surprise I didn’t feel big pain compared to my previous falls. It’s the first time I had serious fall while wearing knee pads and elbow pads and I’m immediately grateful for them, because there is zero damage on my knees and elbows. Just some road rash on my hips.

Then I get up and try to see what happened. Well, one year old asphalt is already waved and cracked on one edge. I didn’t notice it before and I’m a bit surprised. I also look around and I don’t see my board anywhere. I’m used to losing small drones, but not big esk8 board. Board was good 20 meters away in bushes, just the back of it pointing out. Remote was still connected, so I just tried to spin motors and followed the noise.

But once I got home I found out that the fall was not that injury free. My right wrist and my chest hurt badly after few hours. And later I found out that wrist was ok, but I had two broken ribs. Next three weeks were uncomfortable for me, but it healed on it’s own.

Also according to my smartphone I was going around 41km/h when I fell. This makes it my highest speed crash. And I’m still surprised how well pads work, since before that I always bruised knees and elbows. So yeah, pads just work.


Haha awesome thread!

A year ago skinning a kaly that i don’t think has ever been ridden… built an 18s8p p42a battery for it and made the most atrocious gasket known to man to make it work, and to this day haven’t seen evidence of it in the wild :expressionless:

2 yrs ago throwing 18650s into the fire :rofl:


This day 5 years ago I was spraying up a new enclosure buck.
I think it was fine before😮


That looks like a proper 2017 build.


On this day in 2018 I bought the superior board of all time :rofl:


And I looked at y’all riding them with envy.

On this day 2 years ago . . .

Finished my first 18s HV battery and got it mounted to my board running a stormcore 100D prototype.

This might still be my best ever temporary battery box.

Yes . . . It’s a first aid kit.


Feels like longer than 2 yrs


Am I doing this right?


All aaaaboard!!

I mean Abuggg.


That’s a proper bash guard, holy cow!

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On this day 3 years ago - my first esk8 arrived. A 7s diyeboard hotswap.
The first day I took it out (never skated before) I though it’s so powerful I would never be able to max it out.
2 weeks later it felt like a snail and I was planning my first DIY build xD


You need to build a walking esk8 U.u

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Built this Beauty one year ago today :heart_eyes:

And a few months ago it got a makeover