On the Topic Of Smart Helmets

Brand new ish :man_shrugging:

Oof how unfortunate for such a pricey half shell

I saw some of these when googling around a bit

Next alternative:

Personaly I would prefer more aggressive design, to have interest something like this. Therefore I bought certified fullface motocross helmet for 60€ and light can be added on board or in worst case on helmet too.


That’s a pretty nice looking one


hudway is working on a helmet attachment that is SIMPLY a display that your phone casts to. price isnt announced yet, but it seems it may be the cheapest option when it releases, as it doesnt involve its own computer. the car version is only $60.
compare that to the argon at $600, or the eyelight system at 500 euros.


I don’t like most half-shell helmets because they look like Starship Trooper helmets. I have one in my office drawer for those impromptu rides to grab lunch, but otherwise it’s 80% Bell Super3R or the TSG Pass.

If Thousands can sell a turtle shell with no ventilation for $100, I guess better than MIPS claims and integrated light can fetch at least $100-$125. I would not pay for ugly, I got that for free from my mama.


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IMO, if a helmet is aware of what the rider is doing (to control lights) then it’s a smart helmet. Of course there are “smarter” helmets but knowing when to control the lights to indicate braking is a hell of a lot smarter than just a blinking or fixed red light.

Some use the term “brilliant” to indicate a step above “smart” when discussing device features.


Ok maybe I’m being a bit too fear-mongery here but bolting stuff to a helmet that wasn’t there in validation seems like a terrible idea to me. If I was to use something like this I’d definitely prefer it to be an integrated unit


upon a bit of googling, good helmet lights are a lot more expensive than id expect, actually.
i really like the look of the brakefree, though.


I think this is yet to be seen with Xnito, hoping the indiegogo page says if they’re smart or not.

If they have some accelerometer in them like some small lights, it might be more useful.

Not sure about the other helmets

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What goes in a genius device, and what is the next step?

It does my laundry. :joy:

Some might say mapping, logging, and stuff like that but IMO that’s not any smarter than controlling lights based on rider actions. It would be a more fully-featured board, but not smarter.

IMO real smarts would start predicting vehicle and pedestrian actions around us and warn us of potential issues. Scanning ahead and to our sides it would predict when cars would turn into us, or see that before we notice it, and it would see and predict pedestrian actions.

Using IR LiDAR it could scan the path ahead of us in the dark, marking hazards for us on a HUD and even plot a path through these hazards (bumps, holes, bollards, etc.).

That involves some actual AI and would really start to create a true “smart” system. Full integration with our board electronics and voice response (in full helmets) would be standard, or course. :grin:


Hövding is a cool solution, it works well, but my hairdoo aint worth that much…

I know there’s an element of tongue in cheek here but that does sound both legitimately useful and technologically possible, don’t give me any more stupid ideas man

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All we need is a few million $$$ and we can bring it to market…for real.
Each system would cost $100,000 but hey, we all probably have a sibling or two we can sell. :grin:


None — because they’re not shipping and it’s a preorder.

When these are on a shelf waiting to ship, let’s talk about them.


Fair enough, the preorder scene is always rough

At least this one is going through a third party, indiegogo

I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit

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Lol Kickstarter and indiegogo used to not provoke such a bad response, but the recent couple years of history have not been so plesant

Ever since corporations started using them as a Risk Shifter :tm: they soured. The original spirit of the sites as a platform to assist common folks with a great idea has long since disappeared, IMHO. Now they just shift the investment risk onto the consumer instead of the corporation. This also drastically reduces or eliminates the consequences for a product launch blunder or delay, and they can charge for features which won’t even exist in the final product.


Yeah I’m 100% with Brian, I don’t mean to be rude but I remember Kickstarter in 2013 having the same violent criticism (and for good reason) if you dig in at all past the stupid promo posts. It mostly came from folks who either work in the industry of a proposed project or journalists who bother to do even the bare minimum back then. The difference is that it’s just less common to see uncritical breathy headlines about “groundbreaking disruptive innovation” now, all coverage tends to acknowledge more concretely that it’s a bad idea to some extent.

Again not trying to be a dick but the idea of something being considered more reputable because it’s on indiegogo is genuinely funny