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Old school channel trucks

So I picked up some freebies,

It seems dickyho Paris mounts will fit on the round axles.

My question is, when mounting these to the deck, it seems one set of bolts, the outer bolt, needs a nut, the other hole goes into the spring hat, is this for tensioning adjustment only like newer trucks or is this to also secure it to the deck? If the former, is it safe to run these with only one set of mounting bolts? Seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to break them free from the deck with only one set of bolts.

Also these mounting holes don’t line up with any of the holes existing on the deck so I’d have to drill new holes, I’m a bit worried about the integrity of the deck with more holes in the end.

I would check dimensions and see if the mbs baseplate would work. If it does I would go that route. 2 bolts seems crazy.

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That’s very unusual… 2 bolts definitely not enough…

More holes in the deck isn’t going to notably effect the structure though. Wouldnt worry too much about that


Yes that’s why I’m leaning more towards the bolts for the spring hats also being mounting bolts instead of tensioner screws.

I was looking at mbs matrix top brackets and wondering if they would work.

If anyone has a set of these and give me some measurements off of it, that would be awesome

@MBS shed some light?

If you DM me after 6 I can grab dimensions for you

Ok cool, you have matrix 1 or matrix II top?

If you don’t want those baseplates hit me up. I have the exact trucks

You sent me a picture before, are your trucks still mounted to the deck? Can you send me a picture of the top of the deck mounting bolts?

I’d like to use them because I’m cheap, LOL I just want to make sure they are secure

I have a set of baseplates like you are wanting. Hold on I’ll dig them out

There’s just the four holes just like what’s on the top of that base plate, with the 2 narrow holes facing out. I made an angled riser for mine so the holes are completely different. So a picture of that would do no good.

Glyphiks got it right. The spring retainers also served to secure the truck to the deck. There was no adjustability then. Structurally no problem to drill more holes. The biggest challenge is getting them perfectly aligned on the centerline of deck. Not sure about using the old Matrix I top truck. My guess is there would be some issues. If you’re keen to experiment just buy a single to experiment.

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Thanks man, I appreciate you stopping by to confirm.

Here’s the measurements of the old school top, can anyone post the measurements of the matrix 1 top, I suppose the most important measurements could be the spring hat bolts as the bottom has a notch for the springs to sit with the axle they can not be moved.