Old E-Glide 42 special

One of my members in the esk8 group posted an old eboard. He was gonna throw it away in the trash if no one wanted it. I got curious and decided to take it, thinking I can bring it to life again with a simple battery swap. Holy shit is this thing primitive.

The remote is wired, it weights a ton, and the trucks look like a company exclusive. Contacted E-Glide and they said they got parts for all their previous boards. But this thing is just bulky and seems really inefficient. Part of me just wants to completely gut it and put some cheap flipsky parts kit on it with cloud wheels for another cruiser board. But I already got other boards…


Just for shitz and giggles, any recommendations for rkp trucks that can fit cloud wheels? All I see for cloud wheels are dkp…

Hahaha I’m familiar with these!

They rebranded or sub branded to maverix at one point for their kids line.

That’s what the bushing used to look like on yours lol


Gotcha! Good to know. This thing was sitting in the guys garage and so Texas heat ate the bushings. I wanna rebuild it, but I can’t justify it. Plus idk what rpk trucks are out there that take cloud wheels

No one is answering bc the trucks do not define what wheels fit. You can put cloud wheels on any truck with the right bearings


What about with the wheel pulley? I know a all trucks will fit cloud wheels, but not all will fit them and the wheel pulleys

From what I understand that’s the tough part. I don’t think any diy parts Co makes a CW pulley. Many pre-built companies do, so I guess you have to gamble and grab some of them. Talking with someone with first hand knowledge of cw pre-built pullies is the ticket.

Actually, I believe BKB makes a CW pulley which means you could fit them on any truck with extended 8mm axel.

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Thanks man! Appreciate it! I also tried to find Kahua but doesnt look like they’re around anymore, which was why I asked.

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