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Official VESC-Tool video tutorials

The Official VESC-Tool video Tutorials are now online and fully translated. German, French, Spanish and Italian subtitles are available. To display the correct subtitles, click on the CC and then choose the language via the settings icon next to CC.

These tutorials cover the most relevant steps to set up your board, keep the firmware updated, use the profiles and secure your wireless connection. We split up the setup process into several individual videos to ease the access to the information.


In case you make a second update Firmware video showing the desktop variant, it would be helpful to add “Mobile” to the current video title.


We can do that with ease. THX for the hint.

Update: Done


That’s awesome! Can you also add:
How to switch from FOC to BLDC dual vesc.
I’m having hard time setting up bldc on dual vesc on my app. Pass firmware never had problems. What changes? Thank you!

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Started on my v2 balance videos