O perfect enclosure where art thou

Been Googling my eyeballs off trying to find an enclosure for my 10s3p, everything i’ve found is either the right height but too long for my wheelbase, or the right length but not high enough.
i’m not emotionally ready yet to make a 2nd attempt at a fiberglass one!

I have this MBoards take out container one which is a good fit for the battery and Unity but it’s already falling apart, the lip is too thin and the mounting holes are too close to the edge so have started pulling through (with washers on…)

Length - 15.5 max - 14.5" minimum
Height 2" minimum
Width 6" minimum

Looked at BigBen, Psychotiller, Eboosted, Unikboards,
am i missing anyone that might do something this size?


Maybe see if https://electricboardsolutions.com/ have some you like?

Are you building in the enclosure or on the deck?

thanks for sharing, unfortunately not,
bookmarking them though, lots of good stuff!

Let’s get the board vs enclosure thing going here :joy: Just let me bring out some chili nuts and a beer first…


The battery and Unity are strapped to the deck so it doesn’t have to support any weight.

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I’m just wondering if you put to much weight in the enclosure and that’s why it tore it at the screw holes?

Most ABS enclosures are for component protection, as in a shield. Fiberglass or CF is much better for building in.

think it was my poor alignment of the fixings, as i tighten down the enclosure gets pulled out,
probably should have compressed the enclosure lip and gasket before drilling the holes through,
also the enclosure holes are very close to the edge of it’s lip, so not much material there in the first place.

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Have you looked at the verreal enclosure?

@topcloud has used this i believe

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about 1.5" too short, thanks!

i may end up buying a TB 10S4P one and chop an end off,
maybe my set up just has to have duct tape on it…

Ahh, makes sense. If you can catch @Psychotiller and give the dimensions you want I’m sure he can do something custom for you.


I wouldn’t. They are pretty fragile and that is coming from Dexters biggest fan. Enclosures are not his forte. Hey just thought of something.

Trampa orrsom enclosure. Its 600mm by 150 and you can cut it down to whatever you need. Comes with end caps in aluiminium with wire guides and is virtually indestructible.

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He’s looking for something about 50.8mm in depth and the Trampa battery enclosure is sitting at 24mm in depth.

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Dang it!
not high enough, i need about 40mm,
that’s a great idea though, wonder if i can find some electrical ducting with right dimensions then just seal up the ends… ?

i was messing around casting resin in aluminum and it came out pretty good (to my standards!)

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Use a riser. I have mine 10mm above the deck with a hard rubber gasket. Either that or get something 3d printed.

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thanks, i’ll need to make up at least 15mm on the sides because of the concave, of to the internets to look…


^^ this :ok_hand:t4:

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Think that maybe the one!

i had seen it before but thought it was more for lipos so didn’t check the dimensions,
if i put a thick enough gasket on it that should work, thanks for the help!!

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What deck is that?