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Hello everyone!

NØRDE is a new shop that aims to gather everything you need to build and customize your board, no matter your skill level.

After few iterations, I am pleased to present our first products, CNC made.

Motor mount - 50€

  • Material: AL7075 (for this batch only)
  • Center distance: 65mm
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Fully adjustable
  • Compatible with caliber
  • Compatible with 50mm and 63mm motors

Wheel pulley - 45€

  • Material: 6065
  • Pitch: HTD5M
  • Teeth: 36T
  • Belt size: 12mm
  • Bearings: Pressed Super Red Bones

Motor pulley - 9€

  • Material: Steel
  • Pitch: HTD5M
  • Teeth: 15
  • Belt size: 12mm
  • Bore size: 8mm
  • Length: 24mm
  • 2*M4 grub screws
  • 3mm keyway

Belt - 9€

  • Brand: GATES
  • Pitch: HTD5M
  • Length: 265mm
  • Wide: 9mm or 12mm

Single mechanical kit - 110€

  • Motor mount for caliber trucks
  • Wheel pulley with Red Bones bearing - HTD5M 36T 12mm
  • Motor pulley with 2 grub screws and a keyway - HTD5M 15T 12mm
  • GATES Belt - HTD5M 265T 9mm or 12mm

Shipping (from Switzerland by post)

  • to Europe: 12€ (4-8 days)
  • to other countries: 17€ (7-15 days)

I have only 10 parts ready to be shipped for this batch. Contact me by MP for orders :slight_smile:


Looks a bit pricey to me :see_no_evil:


I think more people would jump on if you did individual pieces instead of a kit and 15mm belts all the way


what makes these better than other cheaper mounts and pulleys we have seen? the price is not competitive at all it seems


Idk about you guys, but I don’t like the look of caliber mounts that turn the square shape into a circle, and then clamp onto the circle with pressure alone. Might save a dollar or two on extra screws and a bit of metal, but eh


@pjotr47 @Dirt_Bag
First, I can ensure the quality of those products. The surface finish is the outcome of many iterations. If a product doesn’t meet my requirements, it won’t be sell. Some details of the parts:

  • The belt brand gates is known to be durable.
  • The wheel pulley comes with a press fit bones super red bearing, which implies high tolerances.
  • The motor mount is fully adjustable (and for this batch only, made from AL7075), compatible with any motor size, and can be fixed at any angle to match your setup. The truck adapter is secured thanks to an M5 grub screw. The motor mount is attached using a clamping system and an M4 grub screw.
  • You can see 3 holes also on the motor side, which will be used to fix a CNC made pulley cover that will come later this year, so you won’t need any modification to get a stealth setup.

Also, you should take into consideration that unfortunately for this batch, it was only possible to order 10 pieces, which is expensive to produce. For future batches, I hope orders would be bigger, and the price should go down.

@Briman Thank you for your suggestion, I think I will propose to sell individual pieces. For the 15mm you should have to wait for future batches.

@rusins Matter of taste, I guess. I like it though, I like being able to adjust my motor mount to any angle and the possibility to use other trucks by just changing the adapter. Because of course, there will be other truck adapters than caliber.


I am not denying the qaulity at all. But it does seem to be overpiced. There are some mounts out there that are just as good but cheap

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Yes, I understand. As I said, the quantity for this batch is really low, so it has been expensive to produce. I hope to be able to order more for future batches and bring the price lower.

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We understand the quantity you ordered in is very low and its very high quality with a beautiful surface finish etc. But your going to have a very hard time selling them for such a high price as there are many other amazing options for a much lower price. Just because you payed a super high manufacturing cost because you ordered so little doesent mean a consumer would pay such a high price for a product that doesent stand out all that much from the competition.


Pre-order / group buy is probably the way to go then. At least in the beginning.

But hey, at least you have a product on shelf that is ready to ship. Might be a bit more expensive, but not like Enertion :slight_smile:
It’s much more appreciated the way you are doing, but I still think it will be hard to find buyers at that price. Like I said, group buy / pre-order would probably be the way.

Excellently said @M.Hboards

You might have to sell theses at cost or maybe have someone beta test them for you. Your name needs to be out there and have a good reputation behind it before you can charge premium prices.

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Everything you said make sense. So, for this time I am willing to sell at lost by lowering my prices. Next orders will be bigger, no worry. I have updated the first post, but here is the summary of the new prices:

  • Motor mount: 50€
  • Wheel pulley: 45€
  • Motor pulley: 9€
  • Belt: 9€
  • Kit: 110€

I hope you find those prices fair. I won’t be able to go below that, unfortunately. Anyway, you won’t be disappointed.


That is more reasonable for sure. I was making no profit for the first few weeks of battery building on other forums. Once my name was tied to good quality parts, i could start raising prices where i now make at most $10 and hr. Its not much, but its wasted spare time otherwise.

Word of mouth is the best advertisement around.


Thank you for the advice, it is great to have feedback!