Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

yeah sure
waiting for my friend to send me

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Ask nomad_esk8 about it

He makes the enclosure for my deck

Option 2
In theory, this enclosure from @eBoosted should fit since the dimensions are smaller than the deck, but you will have to cut slots for the brackets


Can I ask you to expand on that? Just curious, would hate to see our favourite moulds become unusable.

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Just not being at home for more than a couple of days at a time every few weeks.


where to buy universal enclousure for unusual deck?

Home Depot



Has anyone done a teardown of Hoyt’s EL2?
It’s such a beautiful board - I’d love to see how the layout their electronics, wiring, etc

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Maybe a certain battery builder would be able to peek into one?


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We now have @MrDrunkenMobster making them. There’s nothing I can share atm


That’s grand thanks, are you able to share what you’re working on there? I had thought you relocated to the main Hoyt facility but haven’t been paying super close attention

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I haven’t made the move yet! Very soon tho. I already have an apartment in Portland and everything.


People with 4wd builds, what ratios/motors/kv/voltage are you using? I’m currently planning an eMTB build and trying to get a sense of what kind of power/torque I would be expecting from certain gear ratios/motor pairings. For a point of reference the only build I have experience with is my 10s3p 40T with 6364 motors at a 15/44 ratio.

Seen a lot of people running 6355s so thinking I’m most likely gonna go with them. Right now I’m targeting a max speed of around 30 as I normally don’t go faster than that, I’m ok if it goes over obviously as I can just limit the duty cycle if needed. Use case I’m going for is gonna mostly be rough trail riding.


What size wheels on this?

What size wheels on the new build?

Do you value more highly range or performance?

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150mm on the 10s and 200mm on the eMTB. I’m thinking value range on this one.

Took a ride today with some VESC logging on Freesk8, and I can’t make sense of the efficiency numbers. It was a 5.08mi ride that used up 140Wh of power and regened 3Wh, but it says I’m only getting 10Wh/mi, which seems quite suspect for pneumatics, and absolutely is not 140/5.08. The voltage on my 620Wh battery went from 3.89v to 3.78v, so I think the power rating is accurate. Can anyone make sense of it?

someone from aus wants to buy a deck off me
whats the cheapest shipping solution

Does a 0º baseplate exist for this trucks?

200MM X 10 RKP HANGER | Surf-Rodz

I have seen that there are not adjustable baseplates, but if there are, and i have missed them, i could also work with that.

I would also like a geardrive to go with them, but finding motormounts its enough for now.

There’s this lad, haven’t seen it mentioned or reviewed though

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Looks good! 60€ a piece it’s kind of steep so I will try to use angled baseplate spacers first! Thanks tho!