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Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

well, it’s a bluetooth remote, right? So it would need to hook into the VESC somehow? I thought that was built in though, given that it’s a VESC

some vescs do but the flipsky ones don’t

so, then I would have to get a bluetooth adapter for the remote too? As well as one for transmitting information about battery etc?

your remote should have a receiver included

Excellent! Then that’s not a worry. The bluetooth module is a nice addition though. But I guess that could be added later, it does not seem vital to get it up and running?

i don’t have one
if you want an upgrade from standard ones you can get the more expensive metr pro, a lot of people use it. it tracks all sorts of stuff

alright, so maybe that’s something I’ll get later on then (if the board works)

They are if you have reasonable expectations. So if good=reliable, then yes. I could pull my OG Meepo hubs off the shelf and ride them for another year.

You won’t have a lot of comfort or speed, but they’re definitely reliable and capable if you don’t run them at high amps.

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You might be basing this opinion partly on Enertion hubs, which are an outlier in terms of problems and general shittiness.


Weren’t those the hubs mikeeee told to have wasted thousand of dollars on, by just ignoring every advice and wondering? :sweat_smile:

Sorry if I generalized that single case!

I hate to be such a little help with dangerous half knowledge (can you say this? In German language it exists but don’t know about English) :confused:

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Well, given that mikEEE posted more about his particular hubs than anyone has ever talked about hubs since the beginning of time, understandable.

People tend to forget Hummie hubs as well, which are standout performers for even hard-to-impress folks like @mmaner and @Dareno


Not being able to push a belt driven board is a myth spread by the marketing departments of cheap china hub motor board sellers.


What is considered too high of a temperature for the esc?

Hit 77 on my mountain board this week pushing up some pretty steep inclines.

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Define “too high” for all of us please, so that an answer can be provided by someone actually.
Experience of throttling and performance loss or harm and damage to your MOSFETS?

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Is it possible to use a dual vesc to run a single motor? I have a GO - FOC DV4. I plan to run a dual motor on it but just waiting for another wheel pulley in the mail.

My initial concern would be with a temperature that may cause a cutout and stop the board suddenly.

Hate falling.

Actual damage to the hardware would be a concern also.

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what is your deck width?

That depends what you have your thermal settings set at. The board will throttle when it reaches the temperature it has been set to throttle at.

In terms of actual damage, you’re good to 90+ degrees C in most cases. Electronics are amazingly robust.


Yes, you should be able to run one side independently. Looking at the pictures on the website, it looks like the two sides’ canbus are connected together with a couple of 0-ohm resistors, and if you remove them they will be entirely independent. (Obviously make sure that is indeed the case before you begin desoldering random components.)

Down the middle is 23.4 CM (this obviously changes as you move up or down)