Noob needs help! potential hardware or software issues?

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I’ve noticed that my link cable between NRF dongle and the vesc reverses “RX” and “TX” cables (receive and transmit as I understand) is this correct? It kinda makes sense in a way, with each cable transmitting at one end and then receiving on the other, but also a bit weird when every other wiring connection
just requires you to match like for like as printed on the PCBs, so thought I’d just check.

Hi Gabriel, I’m not the man the help with this I’m afraid, but you’d probably have more eyes and better luck posting a separate topic for this question in a more relevant sub section. Good luck

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Just to finish up this thread for anyone who might come later, I updated all firmwares on vesc, wand, and NRF receiver no notable difference. I’ve since surmised that my main issue seems to be faulty sensor wiring at one of the motors. Disconnecting both sensors from vescs and running a sensorless setup for now at least has me a rideable board again, and the flipskys seem to handle this better than other non sensored boards I’ve tried. no bouncing around or push to start issues, though It’s not going to hold me still on an incline. I’ll ride for now and maybe look into the feasibility of tearing the motors apart at a later date to see if there’s an accessible possible loose connection that could be fixed. Does anyone know if Flipsky or others offer a motor repair service if not?

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