Noob: Eovan VESC settings to update?

Looking for validation / recommendations for changing the default settings on EOVAN VESC.
VESC Settings.pdf (1.4 MB)
Attached is the Vesc tool 2,06 reading of the default settings and the proposed changes.
( info collected from topic on reddit and previous threads here)

Reduced Motor Current Max from 100A to 60A
Change Battery Current Max Regen from -60A to -20A
Change the Wheel Diameter from 108mm to 120mm (CloudWheels)
Enable Current Smart Reverse, which allows to slowly reverse
Change the Throttle Curve from 50% polynomial to 38% natural.
Reduced PPM Ramping Time from 0.45 pos and 0.15 neg, to 0.20 and 0.10
Power suddenly cuts off when starting to accelerate from stop (Not sure what to change)

Any other changes from the default that would be recommended

Check for faults? Go riding with it, make sure it doesn’t turn off, plug it into vesc tool, and type “faults” into the terminal.

all faults are wiped on reboot

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They use weird settings ask bound motor what there vesc setting are because they use the same battery and motors as eovan.

Ok… no faults on the VESC. (FAULT_CODE_NONE)
Everything seems to be great with the new settings. Except the battery board charge on the remote is always at 100% even after a 20 mile ride. Anyone know what setting needs to be changed to get the correct battery reading again?

Figured it out…minimum input voltage was set too high…(36) set it back to (8)