Night Fury | Hummie Deck | 16s6p P45B

Agreed. Dookey charge port

They’re adequate but there are better options

If the one glyphiks made has a female thread, then it might be a great alternative. Genuinely surprised the cap they provide isn’t threaded while the connector itself is.

I have noticed as well that the battery charges relatively quickly. Left the battery after last nights ride at 55.5V. Charged it for maybe an hour and a half and it already got to 65V. I’m using a 6amp charger, but still feel like that’s still very fast :thinking:

Nah, ive only ever used gx for sensors… and the nefarious balance port on Madness. Ive only made caps for weipu.

I’d design it ever so slightly undersize and print with tpu, no thread. Would be fiiiiiine


This is also the case for CN linko GX connectors. The rubber cap is not at all intended for an environment with vibration (esk8). It would be fine for a panel mount in a room.

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I’ve put some 5min epoxy on the outside now, hopefully its grip will last. If not I’ll buy these threaded gx caps from aliexpress.


Have done about 250km on the board now. Longest on one ride being 70km and the others have been me commuting 40km going to the gym.

Despite the front truck being DKP, the stability from the riptide bushings ( barrel boardside and cone roadside ) has made going 35-37mph stable, while still giving me the turn radius needed for sharp turns.

The board will probably turn into my daily driver on non-rainy days at this point. Easy to store, essentially unlimited range, no fuel/parking costs and extremely fun. Low profile as well in case the wrong people are around.


Is there a reason why u guys decided on the TKP over RKP’s or just personal preference ?

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I had never tried them, and onsra offered, so I thought it would be fun

I don’t think reverse kingpin trucks would provide enough clearance for the motors to not hit the deck on turns. You’d need a RKP truck with a high angle to barely make it work, not even sure if this exists.

Other issue would be the turn radius wouldn’t be great. Hummie deck kind of has a long wheelbase already and RKP truck characteristics ( despite having shorter wheelbases than TKP, DKP) wouldn’t help with turning at low speeds. Been a while since I did this research so someone correct me if I’m off about this.