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🇬🇧 Nexus Boards UK - UK DIY Esk8 Supply

The Nexus Boards Shop is live over on

Hello everyone!

My name is Ben, I’m a software developer and esk8 enthusiast from Canada, living in the UK. I have been riding esk8 since 2016, as well as other awesome PEVs!

What we’re selling

  • A range of motors
  • Flipsky VX1/Mini 2.4ghz remotes
  • Boardnamics hangers, gear drives and axles
  • Battle hardened 6374 motors
  • Chargers
  • P42A battery packs & battery supplies
  • Hummie Decks & BigBen enclosures
  • Wheel pulleys, mounts and motor pulleys
  • Alloy pnumatic, ABEC and BOA wheels
  • Wiring & connectors
  • More!
  • Accessories and more

Why did I bother to become a parts vendor?
My goal is to provide a safe, high quality, cost-effective solution to the lack of components in the EU. While the parts we’re starting with off the shelf/modified existing parts, I am hoping to be able to focus on creating and funding my product design runs, including trucks, wheels, mounts, and other accessories. We are always looking for community feedback, if you find anything wrong with our shop please let us know.

Pricing & Support
We offer a 6-month warranty on most of our products and a 60-day warranty on electronics. We ship directly from the UK, and support is available 7 days a week. With a trend in the industry of large delays and little communication, we will strive to have a 100% satisfaction rate with our support. We price our things as competitively as possible while still being able to provide support, but if you think an item is too expensive please let us know and we will see what we can do to bring the cost down as much as possible.

Taking advantage of the cheap shipping rates from the UK, most orders will pay under £4/$5 for shipping. Heavier shipments will cost up to £12, and international orders a little more. If you are ordering from a country which isn’t part of the European union, please contact us about reducing the price of your cart.



Wth, 90% of all your products are @dickyho’s???


Hopefully we can follow the footsteps on Trampa, boardnamics, torqueboards and the other amazing vendors :heart:


Yep, pretty much. Gotta fund them custom components!
I hope the prices are actually pretty competitive though. and with fast shipping, and UK based support.

I didn’t want to stock crappy/dangerous components,

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Well good luck with your shop/company.

Prices look good so far and finally a quick website.

2 things. Please make your “Assistant” on the botten right less annoying. I don’t need a constant red Notification that is shaking. (Luckily not as annoying as the PING on @torqueboards site. sorry not sorry.)

And second : Any plans for 15mm pulleys? Would be great if the width is included in the title of the Item.


We accidentally got aluminium pulleys (My fault). The 15T pulley is 16mm though. The 13T is 14.5mm
When we restock, they will hopefully be steel and we’ll offer 13, 14, 15 and 16T 15mm+


Ah shoot, i forgot to mention that i primarely mean wheel pulleys. Same for Motor pulley though.

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Ah right, same plan. Aluminium, but 17mm 36/40/44T ABEC and Kegel :slight_smile:

I think I’ve fixed the assistant, thanks for bringing to my attention




Good to hear.

Yes the Assistant is better now. Only thing i noticed is that it jumps up and down if you scroll the site up and down (on mobile atleast) Doesn’t bother me but just a friendly reminder.

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Oh no!
I don’t have an iOs device to test this on, is it still occuring?

How wide is this idler?


Nice. They even have an app


Well if you have all the items in stock and can ship fast then it’s a fair price considering they are from dicky.
I do wish you well to be able to make your own custom parts like integrated decks, press fit pulleys, mounts, drives, etc


Best of hope to your shop :smiley:


My vernier reads 12.5mm, so suitable for 15mm belts but not 17+. I suppose you could stack 2 together and have a crazy long idler, but any longer and it does collide with large wheels.

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Should’ve just called it dickyboards


Planned are 240mm CNC 7075 Trucks under $100 per pair, DKP CNC trucks with a caliber profile, custom mounts, press fit pulleys (including potentially venom ones for a little cheaper, as I really like that wheel but the small pulley quantities make it not so used :frowning: ) and hopefully more.


Good luck with the new shop.

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