Nexus Boards UK BFCM - BN 220 Trucks - Flipsky VX1

We’re discounting our most popular/best products for BFCM!

Deals avalible at

(+ VAT Where applicable)
Flipsky VX1 - £22.30 Default / £28 Skinned (We’re adding to our colorways/patterns constantly. If you’re looking for something specific, please ask beforehand and we can see if we can make it for you)
BN220 Hanger Only (Stealth) - £35
BN220 Complete Truck Split Angle (40/50) - £99.89
BN220 Complete Truck Adjustable Baseplate - £139.89

Please be aware that while we have the hangers and baseplates on hand, we are waiting for USPS to deliver our KranK bushings, Shoulder bolts and Flipsky VX1 Remotes and such orders will be shipped out as soon as we receive them (Est. Final delivery date Dec 10th) . We did not want anyone to miss out of the Black Friday sales. This is not a preorder, all our stock has been paid for in full. You can cancel your order for a full refund at any time.

adjustable-scaled Final-scaled hanger_anodized_two


Last day of sales!

Will you be selling the adjustable baseplates separately in the future?

I can sell a set seperatly on request :slight_smile:
Just didn’t want to list them and have none available for complete trucks.

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