New TORQUE CNC and Trampa 12Fifties trucks, Meepo battery



  1. New RKP TORQUE CNC trucks, width 318mm

Price 180 euros for 2 pieces.
If someone wants motor mounts to I can add to the set for 50 Euro.

  1. Trampa 12Fifties CNC trucks, never used.
    Width 12.5" or about 32cm, solid thick axles, baseplate adapter included with an interesting function of the cable channel for motors.

Price 180 euros for 2 pieces.
Price does not include motor mounts

If anyone needs it, I can make motor mounts with idlers for them.

  1. New Meepo battery, charged 2 times, discharged to storage voltage, excellent condition.

Built-in BMS.
Battery price 80 Euro
The price is for the battery only, but I can also sell the case if you want
I attach a photo of the enclosure but it is not in the offer only for an additional fee.
Enclosure price 10 Euro
The enclosure has a disassembled switch

Battery dimensions 40 x 98 x 152 mm,

Battery shipping only within the EU

I’m shipping from Poland so there will be no additional customs charges within the European Union

Haven’t seen a 20R pack in a while :joy:


“Cartified” cells lol

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