New tech on Electric trucks without any wires?

Today I was just surfing the net and run into these trucks: Jaykay electric trucks

4wd?? No wires, super small bms/esc, batteries inside the truck… looks like a totally new level of eboard.
Of course the price is huge for the kit, but its unseen elsewhere…

One thing I dont understand how can they have such a small bms/esc be put inside a truck PLUS there should be some batteries too because range is 12-15km! Explain me please?

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Their primary focus is “stealth”. They’ve put stealth ahead of every other metric in the design, including cost, range, power, serviceability, fulfillment time, reliability, hill climb, and charge speed. I’d guess they did pretty well on weight, but I’m not sure.

For some folks/places where an electric longboard is prohibited, but an analog longboard is not, these may be the best thing ever.   For anyone else, it’s possible that a different design may work better for them.


The ring remote is what i’m eyeing. If someone ever makes one, this will be great. Unfortunately next year on July, DIY boards will be illegal to ride on streets where i stay. Due to the UL2272 certification that has to be on all devices like scooters, ebikes, and esk8s. I’m planning to make a stealth board with hummies, and of course, a tiny remote.


Get a wand from trampa and dress exclusively in Hogwarts attire when you ride. Surely it’s not illegal to be a wizard if you choose it.


Funny you should mention that, the laws currently is to ride at a speed limit of 25km/h on park connector paths, which are around 3m in width, and 10km/h on pedestrian pavements which are about 1m in width.

So regardless of attire/look, if i’m going faster than those speeds i’ma get copped :rofl:

Still better than walking :woman_shrugging:


I’d rather walk then skate 10km/h (6.2mph) on an electric board.

Or roller skate. :rofl:

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Hey hey!

don’t knock roller skating. I will not have it.

Cool as fuck.


I wasn’t knocking it. It’s better than walking, by far.

I also prefer it over inline skates.

It’s like a mini skateboard per foot.

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I am a god on rollerskates. I’m like Tonya with wheels.

These are my favourite pair

No @Brenternet you can not have them.


They answered a lot of questions in the forsaken place


Thanks a ton of useful info there!

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Wanted to post that too, but didn’t remember where to find :sweat_smile::+1:

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JayKay trucks have an overheating issue - not advisable for tropics and warm/hot climates like Dubai / Australia / Californian / Floridian summers

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On the german forum a kickstarter thing was posted with the chance of 40% off.

(Not affiliated with this in any way, actually I think the only thing that I find interesting about them is the remote :smiley: everything else is way under my wanted specs ;))

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And the deck!

I enjoyed the roller-skating banter…

k00k story:

I once had close relations with an afternoon stripper that raced roller derby on the weekends…

Yes…I’m a glutton for punishment… And cheep trashy chix

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they would sell so many of those remotes if they just made it available sigh :slight_smile: