New player on the market???"AiBee -1000 Electric Skateboard

So lately a lot of manufacturers are stepping up their game.
Look at meepo hurricane, ownboard zeus , onsra and so on
Some of these board can compete with far more expensive boards which bring me to the following i ran across today.
1700wh battery , 8 inch wide tires like the ones from xcell which would indicate wide hubs aswell .
Aluminum hubs and some other goodlooking stuff.

I dont know this brand nor am i promoting this .
Im just curious who has heard of them.

@aibeeboard how’s it hanging dude?



We were talking about this in another thread a while back

Sounds like a ton of bogus claims from what I remember.

Guess we will see once some reviewers get ahold of it. I didn’t really bother reaching out to them to ask for a review unit though

then I guess time will tell

capacity-panasonic lol

This popped up on my radar again, seems like a pretty good deal if pure range is your goal. With the $150 off coupon that’s less than $1 per Wh, and it comes with 200x75 aluminum hubs. Looks like a lot of bespoke parts like the extra tall TKP baseplate and stuff, which makes me further question how they managed to undercut the price so much.

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My work computer won’t even let me view their website because it says it’s a confirmed scam lol.

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