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New Parts: [RedEmber Jotnar New with enclosure]

After paying 800 bucks for New RedEmber Jotnar this is what I received. Of course I requested an immediate refund only to be told the seller spent the money on skateboard parts. He agreed to the refund and has already sent me 575 bucks. Definitely recovered my trust. Everyone has made an honest mistake in the past, as I am sure that it was never intentional.

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You’ll have to reupload the pics and let them finish loading before you post. Hope it’s not as bad as it sounds… @hoytkid


You deleted that comment pretty quick @ShutterShock

I’ll say I failed to mention that deck inserts were done by artem over at skp and I didn’t mention it but at the same time I wasn’t asked about it so idk what to do I don’t have the money anymore to refund him immediately to its gotten to this point I offered to refund over time but now this post has been made I don’t look good in any way after this post so litterally a bunch of idk and it’s up in the air :confused:

Because your pictures did not load lmao.

To say scammed, you wouldn’t have gotten anything in the mail to start with. Did you do your due diligence to ask for a photo of the underside before purchasing? If not, you definitely should have. You have not been scammed, you just bought a product with some chips, which is so easily repairable. I understand you are upset you got something with wood chips but “scammed” is just so dramatic. Inserts is not the issue here, it’s the chips on the deck. It’s not the end of the world and while it should have been disclosed in photos, anyone spending 800$ would have asked for more photos

This is really such a simple fix, refunding like 100-200$ is much more fair than a full refund.


Prolly a bit foolish buying something without asking for pics of the whole thing….

Also a bit unfortunate selling something without disclosing the poor job of insert installation….



@rosco he has a good reputation on here. I have never seen anyone try and pass something like this off without including pictures of damages on a NEW DECK, nevermind not mentioning the botched insert attempt.


If you bought something marked as new, and received it used with no resolution for 2 months, you might feel otherwise @KaramQ


Yup. But once someone has tried to install inserts it’s no longer new




This is a terrible take.

You put up like 5 pictures of the deck and failed to post a single picture of the underside with clear deck damage and messed up inserts. You expect people to believe that leaving those pictures out of the post was an accident?

You were dishonest about the condition of the item you were selling. You said it was new. It’s clearly not.

Do better man - we expect more from you. Especially given how much other people in this community have gone out of their way to help you out.

Give this guy his money back or work out something agreeable.


The underside of the enclosure should definitely have been pictured in the sale post. Seems a bit misleading. I’d be a bit peeved too, some of those inserts do look really bad.


I offered him a refund over time because I spent the money already but he wants to smear my name now due to it yes it’s my fault in part don’t get me wrong but he also didn’t ask if give him a partial refund for the miscommunication right now actually no problem but now I look bad so what can I do if I’m being honest

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Ya my bad I didn’t understand the situation - you have a right to be somewhat upset


The point of the post was to hold you accountable until we reach a resolution. I’m the victim here, not you.


I appreciate your support. Never prejudge.

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To be faaaaair - that is still a beautiful deck. I say, if the inserts still thread in fine, just get some black paint to cover the chipped wood, and ask for a partial refund?

That’s what I’d do

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While it’s an unfortunate situation, escalating to public shaming is not the right course of action.

If he offered a refund within given time (given the amount it’s more than reasonable), then you should give him a break and wait some time out.

If you dropped that much money and need the money fast so bad, you made a bad money spending decision.

If he had ghosted you and told you to fuck off, then yea that’s scamming. You are acting like he has gone AWOL and isn’t trying to work something out with you. Jeffery is actively trying to make it work out and given his reputation, you know damn well he ain’t going anywhere. Jeffery should have disclosed the inserts in his post, and that is not so Jeffery of him but we all make mistakes.

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Dude your totally right you are the victim I’m
Not saying your not I’ll give you a partial refund for it but if full refund is the only solution for you I really can’t do anything about that at the moment will take me time


As the post shows, I’m warning future buyers. Not sure if you read anything, but my initial post states he is willing to refund.