New “Mini” build

What’s up guys!

I’m starting another build and looking for parts suggestions.

I have this little board I want to turn into into an esk8 for casual rides, but I want it to pack a punch. It’s about 27” from tail to tip and about 14” between the trucks.

Because of the Size and to keep the weight down, I want to use hub motors. Which ones would be the best? Also, what type of battery and esc (do I need an esc with hubs) should I use that would fit. Lastly, what’s the best way to Mount the battery?

Thanks I’m advance!

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I’ve got a Focbox Unity VESC that would be compatible with pretty much any motors you’d want to use i’m open to selling for fairly cheap.

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If you want good power from hub motors you’ll need larger wheel diameters, how does your wheel clearance look like? Are you open to risers?

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